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Lies of P has a hidden 'easy mode', but you didn't realize

 Here's what you need to know about the grips, arms, and grinding stones you need to use if you want to make your Krat adventure a little less difficult.

Lies of P has a hidden 'easy mode', but you didn't realize

Lies of P is a difficult game, as it is. Given the eternal debate about whether all games should have easy mode, as a general rule the soulsike genre says that not all games are for everyone. However, sometimes, as in Lies of P, it is possible to activate a "hidden easy mode" if you take advantage of certain game mechanics... something that happens in your adventure through Krat.

To take full advantage of the game's mechanics, simply use a specific type of weapon and a legion arm that can be obtained relatively early. Additionally, there is a third endgame item that will help, but really the first two are enough.

Absolute defense, the Fable that you should not ignore

As you know if you have played, each weapon has two Fable Arts. One is the blade, and the other is the handle. The one on the blade is used with the Fable button, and the one on the hilt is used when protecting yourself and using the Fable. Well, you are looking for grips with Absolute Defense.

The weapons that have this handle are the following:

  • Greatsword of destiny.
  • Spiral Mjolnir.
  • Acidic large curved sword.

What makes it special? Well, when using it, for about two seconds, every attack you receive will be parry. There's no need to explain the advantages of this against enemies with fast, endless combos. The three standard fable slots should be enough, but you can increase the recovery rate or slots with the P-Organ.

Of course, you can put whatever blade you want on the weapon, of course. Since this mechanic is the game's own, it is not possible to patch it without completely removing the Fable, which does not seem like it will happen.

Aegis, the arm of the infinite parry

The Aegis is a Legion Arm that you can obtain as soon as you have your first Legion Pin during Chapter 4. This arm, in principle, simply blocks attacks and has some special properties.

So far normal, but the arm has a hidden trick. It turns out that if you hold down the legion arm button, as you know, the shield stays up. What you don't know is that, if you spam the guard button with your shield up, everything will be parry. Obviously, the faster you press the guard button the more likely it is to work, but since you'll more or less know when a Fury attack is coming your way... it's easy.

Of course here you depend on how long your legion charge lasts. Carrying charges improving their duration, or legion recovery with the P-Organ will help a lot. However, for the first bosses, one charge will be enough. It has to be said that this seems like a bug and may be patched in the future, but for now, it's a great option. Remember that you can increase your legion level by raising Advance.

Grinding stone of perfection, the most legal option

The last "easy mode" item is the Grindstone of Perfection. This is a special grindstone that, when used, makes all attacks you block parry for 20 seconds. Of course, you can only use it once (twice if you activate the P-Organ skill ), but it's a fantastic alternative and completely legal and unpatchable unless they completely remove the item. If you're keeping an eye on buffs, you'll see that it's represented by purple smoke around your weapon and a purple icon under your Fable bar.

The problem is that you have to reach Chapter 10 to get it, almost at the end of the game. To get her, from the second Stargazer advance until you see Alidoro 

Just behind him is a chest with the Venigni's Collection item Cool. If you give this item to Pulcinella in the Krat Hotel, you can buy the Grinding Stone of Perfection from her, and equip it by talking to Venigni.

As you can see, these three mechanics can be used with any build, although you can very easily adapt them to the one you are using and even improve them. The Aegis will probably disappear soon, but you will notice the usefulness of Absolute Defense very much from the beginning of the game, and the bosses will no longer cost you as much.