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Lies of Q: Is there cooperative or competitive online?

 This is what we have to tell you about the online features of Lies of P, the Pinocchio-inspired soulslike that you shouldn't miss this fall.

Lies of Q: Is there cooperative or competitive online?

Lies of P draws directly from games like Bloodborne or Dark Souls, obviously. In these games, it was not unusual for you to be forced to summon help for the bosses, so it is normal that, given the high difficulty of Lies of P, you wonder how to play online so that someone can help you with the fights, or if you can attack to other players. Well, the answer is short.

Can Lies of P be played cooperatively or invade other players?

No, it does not have online cooperative, or competitive functions of any kind. As usual, the game allows you to play both connected to the game servers and offline, but it does not have any online play function.

What you can do is summon NPC Specters before many bosses, which in principle will help you against them... even if it is simply as cannon fodder to prevent the fury of the bosses from falling on you from the first moment.