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Lies of Q: What attributes should you improve early in the game?

 These are the attributes that we recommend improving in Lies of P during the first hours of play. Later you can focus on dealing much more damage with your weapons.

Lies of Q: What attributes should you improve early in the game?

Lies of P's story uses a level system like other souls like, in which you will increase points in your attributes, which improves your general statistics and the damage of your weapons. However, you must keep in mind that it is not advisable to level up in a balanced way since it will become increasingly difficult for you to level up. Therefore, we want to recommend some attributes to improve at the beginning, so that it does not cost you so much.

What attributes should you improve at the beginning of Lies of P?

Before we get into it, we have to differentiate between defensive attributes and offensive attributes.

  • Defensive attributes:
    • Vitality: Increase your maximum health level.
    • Vigor: Increases your maximum stamina level.
    • Capacity: Increase your maximum load. The higher you are, the heavier the set of weapons and defensive items has to be before you move or dodge more slowly.

  • Offensive attributes:
    • Motor skills: this is what in other games we would understand as Strength, for weapons focused on maximum damage per hit.
    • Technique: it is what in other games we would understand as Dexterity, for somewhat faster weapons.
    • Preview: Let's understand this attribute as "magic". This is an attribute that especially affects legion arms and technological gadgets.

At first, we recommend that you focus on defensive attributes. The reason is very simple and is that the game focuses on you avoiding damage, but it is a high-risk/reward mechanic. Thus, during the first hours you will take more hits than a rented mule. When you've advanced enough to pick a weapon as main, you can focus on that weapon's scaling attributes.

Keep in mind that, once you have advanced enough in the game, it is possible to respec to reassign the points you have unlocked by leveling up.