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Lifespan of Jusant: how long to finish the game?

 You want to start the adventure on Jusant, but you don't know how long to finish it? We give you its lifespan!

Lifespan of Jusant: how long to finish the game?

The lifespan of a game is often a determining factor in the purchasing decision. Particularly for you, players aged 15 to 40, where the balance between time spent and satisfaction obtained is crucial.

Jusant, this contemplative climbing simulator developed by Don't Nod Entertainment, is a new entry that feels good at the end of 2023. How does this game, which evokes a meditative and calming atmosphere, measure up in terms of lifespan? We tell you everything in this article.

How long does it take to finish Jusant?

Jusant offers a brief yet rich experience on PC, PS5, and Xbox, with playtime varying slightly between platforms. Jusant invites you on an odyssey where every minute counts. If you aspire to complete the main story, allow an average of 3.5 to 4.5 hours. It’s a shorter journey than titles like “Life is Strange,” but no less gripping.

  • PC: PC players finish the main story in 3.30 hours, with a blistering record of 2.30 hours.
  • PS5: PS5 users cross the line in 3.45 hours, and 5 hours and 20 minutes for additional content.
  • Xbox: The Xbox community completes the quest in 3 hours and 50 minutes, and 5 hours all round for the expanded experience.

For those of you looking to explore every corner and unravel all the plot threads, Jusant requires approximately 5 to 6 hours. However, if your quest is to absorb every detail, allow up to 8 hours.

The brevity of Jusant raises the question: does the game deserve its full price upon release, or is it better to wait for discounts? This is a consideration not to be taken lightly, knowing that your time and money are precious. However, keep in mind that this is a real gem.

You are faced with a wise choice: buy now or later? With a modest lifespan, Jusant seems ideal for a weekend gaming session. But, if you're one of those looking for a longer epic, perhaps it's wise to wait. Finally, know that it is available in Xbox Game Pass !