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List of the best Meta FUT players, midfielder cards from EA Sports FC 24

 Who are the best midfielders in EA FC 24? Here is our list.

Discover here our detailed list of the best players and Meta FUT cards for EA Sports FC 24 circles. The idea is therefore to give you all the information to make a choice in building your team. These cards are Meta, understand the best in the game. Note that the special cards (TOTW, POTM etc.) will be present here. The list also has honorable mentions, again ranked from best to worst. The only exception concerns Icon cards which will benefit from their own list of best cards for FIFA 23. Also note that Evolution cards are not present in this ranking, since their accessibility is too specific to include them in this ranking.

List of the best Meta FUT players, midfielder cards from EA Sports FC 24

Don't hesitate to ask us questions in the comments, about a player, about a special version of a card or to get an opinion on how to improve your team.

How does our ranking work? Each position has 10 cards (at the moment) ranked in a top 10. This means that the card listed at the very top of the position title is the best option right now on EA FC 24. The honorable mentions part is the rest of the position ranking.

How do we classify cards? We try as much as possible to play with all the special cards, in a competitive context (Rivals, FUT Champions or even sometimes Online Draft), in order to have a complete evaluation of the card. However, we prefer to make our ranking taking into account that EA FC 24 users are all different but above all, that the majority of them are not professionals. So an extremely specific map (one that requires an extremely experienced player or unique setup) won't rank as highly here as it does in other pro-made lists.

List of the best midfielders for FUT on EA FC 24

Here we list the best players, the midfield cards, according to their position in the game. Thus, a player like Bruno Fernandes whose basic position is MOC will be listed in his most effective position, box-to-box. Likewise, players in DC are playable in MDC but will not be listed here.

The best defensive midfielders in EA FC 24

Generally, defensive midfielders (MDC) need high defensive performance, a good physical level (notably strength and aggressiveness) as well as decent speed. Additionally, defensive playstyles are extremely important, allowing you to improve a card to levels much higher than stats.

Important : at the start of the season on FUT, we consider that very few cards are pure MDC. Thus, a Touré, a Ramires are more box-to-box which are used in MDC for lack of anything better. This also explains why it is so recommended to use White in MDC.

Konrad Laimer RTTK, RB Leipzig, Bundesliga

If we generally prefer an imposing physique in MDC (hence our advice to use White in MDC), Konrad Laimer RTTK is an extremely effective all-purpose option. Relatively fast, agile thanks to good physicality in play, the Austrian is the type of card playable with a large MDC at his side but also solo. With ideal performance (medium/high) and good defensive play styles (Aggressive, Block+ and Sliding Tackle), Laimer RTTK is really excellent in duels. But it's the presence of the Tireless playstyle that really helps make this a ubiquitous card. Although it lacks strength, Laimer RTTK should soon benefit from a second boost, helping to keep it in the Ultra Meta category on EA FC 24. Note that the Evolution Centurions version is playable but the improvement in performance offensive does not bring anything positive given the map.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar

Declan Rice Trailblazers, Arsenal, Premier League

If its Gold version lacked a little mobility, this Trailblazers allows Rice to become one of the best options in pure MDC at the start of the season. With good height (1m85), good stats and good defensive AI, the Arsenal player is a very solid option. But it is his playing styles (Aggressive, Interception and Block) that make him one of the best defensive midfielders on EA FC 24. However, the + playing style is not necessarily ideal, just like his lack of agility, which should reduce its interest relatively quickly in the weeks to come.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar

N'Golo Kanté TOTW, Al Ittihad, ROSHN Saudi League

Although very nerfed for several editions, N'Golo Kanté remains a playable option following this TOTW version. Still boasting a unique in-game physique and excellent AI, the French player is still the prototype of the small and agile MDC. This is also explained by the presence of the Interception + style of play, which helps a lot in recovering the ball on such a physique. Morality, without being the pure demon of 2-3 years ago, Kanté TOTW remains a very good option at the start of the season, as long as he is assisted by other more physical players.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar

Aurélien Tchouaméni, Real Madrid, La Liga

A card so cheap so high in this ranking? Yes, we understand it's a bit strange but this can be explained by two things: the first, as mentioned above, the lack of pure MDC options at the launch of the game. The second, Tchouaméni is a really good card in a device where he is accompanied by another environment or in a three-DC formation. Relatively fast and strong, he makes up for some pretty solid stats with incredible defensive playstyles: Anticipation, Fight, Aggressive and Interception. Note that the Centurions evolution is a good option but will make the offensive output high. Although we appreciate the stat boost, this change is not ideal in a pure MDC role.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar

Sandro Tonali, Newcastle, Premier League

Regularly highlighted by EA in recent seasons, Tonali now plays in the Premier League. However, the investigation into sports betting should keep him away from the field for the next few months, most likely preventing him from obtaining a special card in the game. It's a shame because the Italian player's Gold version is an excellent one. basis for future improvements, including a unique in-game physics and some interesting playstyles (Tireless and Sliding Tackle).

Recommended style: Pillar

Robert Andrich Centurions, Leverkusen, Bundesliga

Although we prefer to avoid cards with high/high yield, Andrich Centurions (Evolved if possible) is probably one of the few exceptions since its AI seems to keep it on defense more than average. So, with good stats, a height of 1m86, 4 weak foot stars and above all, excellent defensive playing styles, the German player is a very solid option at this stage of the game. Better, with his links, he will be possible to evolve it with its teammate Palacios Trailblazers or with a card like Oberdorf.

Recommended Style: Shadow or Pillar

Leroy Fer Foundations, Alanyaspor, Super Lig

If it is neither the fastest nor the one with the best defensive stats, Leroy Fer Foundations is still a great card in MDC. To the point that we consider it interesting to integrate it into training if your links are flexible enough (in particular via Icon cards and the Dutch nation). What we appreciate about him is his impact in duels, with great strength and good size to take the ball from any type of attacker. Note his secondary position in DC which allows you to integrate him a little more easily into your team, although we consider that he is much better in MDC.

Recommended style: Ombre

Francis Coquelin RTTK, Villarreal, La Liga

One of the best DCEs at the start of the season, Coquelin RTTK is a sort of Kanté-style MDC with a relatively small size compensated by good agility. If we would have liked more defensive styles, the French player stands out with a very complete game, both with and without the ball. Thus, with very good links (Tchouaméni, Mendy, Koundé), Coquelin RTTK can easily be integrated into your training, especially since he has the potential to obtain a +2 within a few weeks (Villarreal has only unable to play his third match due to the situation in the Middle East), making him playable for some time.

Recommended style: Pillar

Exequiel Palacios Trailblazers, Leverkusen, Bundesliga

Without being on the best map in the game, Palacios Trailblazers is much more than the basic generic player obtained via objectives. Indeed, the Argentine player has an agile physique in play, good playing styles (Interception, Anticipation, Sliding tackle) 4 weak foot stars as well as fairly complete stats. Therefore, it does not seem so strange to us to see him in a few formations at the start of the season. Especially since his links are rather good with notably Grimaldo TOTW, Frimpong TOTW, Andrich Centurions and Hincapie RTTK.

Recommended style: Ombre

Honorable mentions: Nemanja Matic RTTK (Ligue 1), Lena Oberdorf (Women's Bundesliga), Adrien Rabiot (Serie A), Casemiro (Premier League), Mats Wieffer RTTK (Eredivisie), Scott McTominay TOTW (Premier League), Keira Walsh (La Women's Liga), Rodri (Premier League), Joshua Kimmich (Bundesliga), Merino (La Liga), Marco Verratti (Ligue 1).

The best box-to-box (TM) midfielders from EA FC 24

Here we are really looking for a box-to-box: to understand a midfielder who will play on all aspects of the game, in defense as in attack. So, although high/high yield is ideal, here we will find cards with medium/medium or even high/medium yield if the AI ​​is correct. Additionally, on both aspects of the game, playstyles will have a big impact on a card's overall performance.

Important: quite a few cards listed here can be used in an MDC role but are not pure defensive midfielders. Therefore, we recommend playing with a pure MDC and a box-to-box in the majority of devices.

Yaya Touré FUT Hero, Premier League

If we generally find that FUT Heroes and Icons are not worth their price, Yaya Touré is an exception. The former City player is a true monster in midfield, whether he plays as a pure MC or MDC. The main reason for this success lies in his great size and his playing styles, which make him a powerful and omnipresent player on the pitch. If we appreciate him in MDC, the latter is not a pure defensive midfielder due to an average/average performance and an AI which pushes him to move up. Furthermore, its offensive qualities would be wasted by staying behind, a luxury that few players can afford given the price of the card.

Recommended style: Ombre

Federico Valverde TOTW, Real Madrid, La Liga

One of our favorite cards at the start of the season! Federico Valverde TOTW is simply a monster in midfield. Although he does not have any defensive playing styles (apart from Tireless), the Real Madrid player is still a real defensive threat thanks to a combo of speed, physical stats and incredible AI. Better, his lack of balance is completely compensated by his unique physique in play. But if we talk about his versatility, it is especially on the offensive level that he surprised us: with good offensive styles, Valverde shines regularly both on the passing game and on the finishing. In short, a super complete card which can be aligned as a second MDC, in box-to-box but also as a rising MC.

Recommended style: Ombre

Jude Bellingham Trailblazers, Real Madrid, La Liga

The man in good shape of the moment is him! You can already note a TOTY and probably a TOTS for this season as Bellingham dominates the debates with Real Madrid. In game, the English player combines good size with great versatility. So, knowing how to do everything well (defend as well as attack) and having offensive styles of play, we find it a shame to leave Jude in defense. This is all the more true with the Trailblazers version which has the Technical style, which makes it even more fluid with the ball. Note that the POTM, TOTW and the Gold version are still excellent at this stage of the game.

Recommended style: Ombre

Claudio Marchisio FUT Hero, Serie A

A card played a lot last year, Marchisio FUT Hero is back on EA FC 24 with great versatility as usual. Indeed, the Italian player stands out for his good physique in play, high performance, 4-4 stars, Meta Interception and Anticipation defensive styles but above all very complete stats. We are therefore on a pure box-to-box MC, the kind of player that we place in any type of device and who will still be effective and visible. If he does not have an imposing physique, Marchisio compensates with a solid AI and a very good ball game. The kind of card we love to use well beyond Serie A links.

Recommended style: Ombre

Ramires FUT Hero, Premier League

Let's be clear, Ramires FUT Hero is overrated. Be careful, we are still on an excellent Meta map. However, its current price (around a million at the time of writing) does not reflect its impact on the ground. Worse, quite a few players will use him in MDC while we are convinced that his best position is in fact box-to-box MC. It must be said that on paper, his defensive stats suggest that he would be ideal in a purely defensive role. However, its high/high efficiency and its AI will push it to move forward, without respecting your device. So, given his size and agile physique in play, Ramires is more of an ideal complement to a pure physical Vieira-style MDC. Still, at this price point, you'd expect a bit more, both offensively and defensively.

Recommended style: Pillar

Bruno Fernandes RTTK, Man United, Premier League

A regular at special cards for years, Bruno Fernandes obtained a very solid card with this RTTK. The Man United player is an excellent box-to-box player with a preference for the offensive aspect of the role. Thus, we would recommend playing him as a rising MC to really get the full potential of his offensive stats. At this level, Bruno Fernandes shines especially on his outside feet, both on passes and on shots. However, he will be very effective in box-to-box due to his high/high output, his very good stats but also his unique physique (which somewhat compensates for his lack of strength) and his AI. Note that this RTTK version is clearly superior to its TOTW which left us wanting more but that Man United's performance does not really reassure us about the +2.

Recommended style: Ombre

Leon Goretzka TOTW, Bayern Munich, Bundesliga

This position will surprise many people but we loved our test with Goretzka TOTW. As always with the German midfielder, his unique physique will not be unanimous. However, it is one of his great strengths: a rather strange physique, a bit rigid but which gives him a feeling of power in a duel, increased by the Aggressive play style. Coupled with his large size, this physique more than compensates for the lack of agility but also of defensive stats. We are therefore on a card that plays well beyond its stats, like a Valverde TOTW, in pure box-to-box despite a high/average output.

Recommended style: Ombre

Grace Geyoro Centurions, PSG, D1 Arkema

If it is a little difficult to align a small physique in MDC, great agility is quite effective in a box-to-box. Here Geyoro Centurions is the perfect complement to a pure Vieira-style MDC, with good fluidity on the ball but also great speed. What struck us the most when playing with this card is its omnipresent aspect on the field: in attack as in defense, it recovers the ball, creates spaces and can even end up with a goal. If we regret a little her 3-3 in stars and the lack of Meta playing styles, the French player will be excellent in an environment composed of an MDC and an MC who is on the rise.

Recommended Style: Pillar or Shadow

Bruno Guimaraes RTTK, Newcastle, Premier League

If we found the DCE a little expensive at the time, Bruno Guimaraes RTTK was ultimately a relatively solid challenge. Indeed, the Newcastle player is a very good box-to-box with a high/high output, some good attacking styles of play as well as complete stats. However, what really makes him interesting lies in his physicality in play and his dribbling stats. Although measuring 1m82, the Brazilian has an agile physique, which makes him quite fluid with the ball. Better still, his dribbling stats are really good for this position, making him particularly pleasant to use manually. So, although Newcastle is still far from validating a double boost, Guimaraes RTTK could still be Meta for a while if the English club performs in its next matches in the Champions League.

Recommended style: Ombre

Pedri Centurion, FC Barcelona, ​​La Liga

Honestly, we rarely appreciate Pedri's special cards which are often poorly formatted with few shooting and defense stats. However, so early in the season, the Spanish player compensates for a somewhat weak defense with a combo of speed and agility. Thus, we are really on a map which takes on its full meaning in a three-media system, allowing it to be quite free in its movements. However, we are not looking at an extremely profitable card in terms of price, since its versatility will be relatively low beyond a rising MC or a secondary box-to-box.

Recommended style: Ombre

Honorable mentions: Aintana Bonmati (La Liga F), Frenkie de Jong (La Liga), Rodrigo De Paul RTTK (La Liga), Nadine Kessler FUT Héro (Bundesliga F), Nicolo Barella (Serie A), Estefania Banini Fondations (La Liga F), Sergej Milinkovic-Savic TOTW (ROSHN Saudi League), Dirk Kuyt FUT Hero (Premier League), Jordan Henderson Trailblazers (ROSHN Saudi League), Saul TOTW (La Liga), Marcos Llorente (La Liga), James Ward-Prowse Trailblazers (Premier League), Georginio Wijnaldum TOTW (ROSHN Saudi League), Enzo Fernandez (Premier League), Douglas Luiz TOTW (Premier League).

The best-attacking midfielders in EA FC 24

The best attacking midfielders (MOC) in EA FC 24 must have high offensive performance (if possible High/Medium), good passing and shooting stats, but also a certain speed and agility to create space. Note that quite a few good cards currently playable in MOC will be listed in our ranking of the best attackers in the game. Thus, players like Griezmann or Rodrygo are generally MOC but will not be listed here.

Important: In addition, a few cards are aligned here in attacking midfielders (Modric, Putellas) but must be considered as MCs who rise more than MOCs. We are thinking of potentially adding a “ rising MC ” category in the near future given the differences between pure Box-to-box, rising MC and MOC.

Alexia Putellas, FC Barcelona, ​​La Liga F

So yes, we know, Putellas is used a lot in MC which goes up more than in MOC. This is also the main reason which will surely push us to create a fourth category among the circles. In the meantime, we much prefer to use Putellas in MOC than in box-to-box, which justifies its position here. Its strong points are numerous: 5-5 in stars, a small size which compensates for the average physique in play, ultra-complete stats and Meta playing styles, both on ball control (Technique and Control+) and on shots. (Finesse) and passing. Thus, in MOC, she potentially lacks a little speed as a pure attacking midfielder but her explosiveness and her ability to create play make her an Ultra Meta option at the start of the game.

Recommended style: Hunter

Luka Modric RTTK, Real Madrid, La Liga

Like Putellas, Modric RTTK would be more of an MC on the rise than a MOC, as his defensive stats are good. However, we prefer to list him in attacking midfielder for the moment in order to separate him from the box-to-box category. Indeed, although he is absolutely viable (and probably top 10 in this category), the Real Madrid player is much more than that. With an incredible sense of passing, great agility and a first-rate outside of the foot, Modric RTTK is one of the best attacking midfielders on EA FC 24. So, using him behind or even in box-to-box seems to us waste your talent and thus deprive yourself of an extremely fun card to use. Note that a second boost could occur by the end of November, still making it Meta for quite some time.

Recommended style: Basic, Hunter or even Shadow

Lionel Messi, Inter Miami, MLS

Probably the first true pure MOC on our list, Lionel Messi looks better this year than last year. Indeed, if his unique physique in the game continues to be extremely pleasant to use, it is his finesse shots that really make the difference on EA FC 24. Agile, fast and fluid, the Argentine player is a real joy with the ball on his feet. , which tends to transform your playing experience on the field. If he lacks strength and endurance, his impact is far too important to miss out on an ultra Meta card at the start of the season. Note the collective bonus of the Icon cards which have made its integration much easier recently.

Recommended style: Hunter

Abedi Pelé FUT Hero, Ligue 1

While many prefer to use Pelé in BU, we consider that he is better in a MOC role behind a single Scorer (4-2-3-1 style) up front. This is explained by the format of its stats which does not favor the finishing and shooting aspect in general. So while it's possible to apply a style like Vista to compensate, it's much more effective to use Fighter or Engine to make it fast and decisive. In addition to its stats, the playing styles are much more MOC-oriented than BU, with a very explosive side (Fast, Quick stride) and passing play with Incisive Passing. In the end, we are in the presence of a sort of alternative between a BU and a MOC, who could even play on the wing if necessary.

Recommended style: Hunter or Motor

Jay-jay Okocha FUT Hero, Premier League

We would understand that some players prefer a card like Okocha rather than Pelé or even Messi. Indeed, if your style is based a lot on technical gestures, Jay-Jay will make you dream. With his 5-4 star, his Technician style of play and overall aura around the former PSG player, Okocha pushes him to do crazy things with dribbling. In addition, his stats are generally good with great agility (the reaction score being partially compensated by his playing styles) and good acceleration. While it doesn't have the best playing styles for a MOC (especially on the shooting aspect), it is one of the best attacking midfielder cards at the start of the season on EA FC 24.

Recommended style: Hunter

Marta Centurions, Orlando, MLS F

Like Jay-Jay Okocha, Marta Centurions is clearly more oriented towards players wishing to chain technical gestures to make the difference in attack. Less fast than the typical MOC, the Brazilian player compensates with very complete stats. Additionally, agility is also something that scares some, but his size, in-game physicality, dribbling stats and playing styles will more than make up for it. We are therefore on a fairly explosive MOC card, which seeks to create spaces in the area to score or provide a decisive pass. Note an excellent finish on the outside of the foot (via the style of play) which makes him a very good offensive option in addition to his dribbling.

Recommended style: Hunter

Martin Odegaard Centurions, Arsenal, Premier League

Quite incredibly, this Centurions version that appeared at the end of October is already superior to the POTM released in mid-January last year. The Arsenal attacking midfielder has a very complete card that is relatively easy to handle. Indeed, although he only has 3 weak foot stars, Odegaard is very pleasant to use because of his fluidity with the ball. This is explained by his ideal physique in play, his Technical and Control playing styles as well as his great dribbling stats. So, we easily get into the game of slaloming through a defense and making great passes with him. Better still, the card is also suitable for players looking to perform technical gestures thanks to its 5 stars. In short, if the DCE is a bit expensive, the card will be effective in many different devices.

Recommended style: Hunter

Kevin De Bruyne, Manchester City, Premier League

As mentioned previously, KDB is more of a rising MC than a pure MOC. However, the brilliant Belgian player will be very effective in the majority of devices including a MOC, whether he stays up front or helps in defense. This is explained by its excellent offensive AI which will appreciate being able to move freely on the field. Better, his unique physique compensates a lot in agility but also adds a plus in speed. Thus, we prefer the Gold version to the Flashback, although both are playable at this stage of the game. Ultimately, De Bruyne is one of the best attacking midfielders on EA FC 24 for a lot of reasons visible on his card ( his shooting stats, his passing stats, his 4-5 stars, his playing styles) but also by elements specific to the game.

Recommended style: Hunter (in pure MOC) or Shadow (in rising MC)

Wesley Sneijder FUT Hero, Serie A

A new addition among the Heroes this year, Sneijder is a fairly unique card in the game. On a physical level, the Dutch player is quite small (1m71) but still has an average physique in play, reducing the size a little bit. The agile and fluid appearance generally associated with a player of his size. In addition, this physicality is not compensated by the presence of numerous styles of play, only Control is there to assist a little in the touch of the ball. Although we had few ball problems with him, we would have preferred the presence of the Technical style or an agile physique in play. In addition his speed is a little low for this position, with the added bonus of a not ideal race course. Conversely, with a 4-5 star rating, great stats and 4 passing styles, Sneijder is an outstanding distributor. However, we consider that at the current price level, it is clearly not profitable. We are therefore awaiting an improved version which will undoubtedly make him one of the best attacking midfielders on EA FC 24.

Recommended style: Hunter

Paulo Dybala TOTW, AS Roma, Serie A

One of our favorite players in real life but also on EA FC 24, Paulo Dybala obtained a first TOTW version quite quickly, allowing him to join our list of the best attacking midfielders in the game. As is often the case with the Argentinian, the big positive point concerns the fluidity with the ball, thanks to a unique physics in play, the Technique and Control styles as well as good agility. If his 3 weak foot stars limit his interest a little at very high level, the AS Roma player compensates with good outside feet (he has the style of play) and good finishing. Very complete both in terms of shooting and passing, Dybala TOTW is an excellent, inexpensive option at the start of the FUT season.

Recommended style: Hunter

Honorable mentions : Hidetoshi Nakata FUT Héro (Serie A), Debinha (MLS F), James Maddison POTM (Premier League), Jamal Musiala (Bundesliga), Henrikh Mkhitaryan Trailblazers (Serie A), Mario Gotze RTTK (Bundesliga), Houssem Aouar RTTK (Serie A), Christopher Nkunku (Premier League), Aleksandr Mostovoi FUT Hero (La Liga), Julian Brandt Trailblazers (Bundesliga), Angelina Foundation (MLS F), Tomas Rosicky FUT Hero (Premier League), Evander Trailblazers (MLS), Rui Costa FUT Hero (Serie A), Luciano Acosta Trailblazers (MLS), Muniain Centurions (La Liga), Anderson Talisca TOTW (ROSHN Saudi League), Jari Litmanen FUT Hero (Eredivisie), Rose Lavelle (MLS F), Lars Ricken FUT Hero (Bundesliga), Kangin Lee TOTW (League 1).