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LoL: Season 14 start date, when does League of Legends S13 end?

 When does League of Legends Season 14 start and when does Season 13 end? What about preseason? We'll tell you everything.

League of Legends is now in its 13th competitive season, but a lot has changed over the past few seasons. This year, the ranked season is separated into 2 splits with a reset in between.

When will season 13 of League of Legends end and therefore when does season 14 start? Here is all the information on the next season.

When does LoL Season 14 start?

Unlike the traditional end of the season at the end of November, the current season will be extended. In short, according to the information, season 14 of League of Legends should begin on Wednesday, January 3, 2024.

The 2024 pre-season adjustments were implemented on November 21 on the PBE, with major changes expected in gameplay, a new map, new items, and even the removal of mythic items.

A major announcement is that in 2024, there will be no interruption in ranked play. Three continuous divisions will be introduced each year, starting in January, May, and September, similar to this year's mid-season reset. However, adjustments will be necessary to maintain the balance of LP/MMR gains.

When does LoL Season 14 start

Tencent has reaffirmed its commitment to listening to player feedback and making changes before January 9 through several updates, ensuring the game is stable when Season 14 launches. Significant revisions could also be on the cards during updates 14.2 or 14.3, but only if they prove necessary. Particular attention will be paid this year to resolving existing technical problems.

These announcements mark a real revolution in the universe of League of Legends, with significant changes both in the structure of ranked seasons and in the approach to game balancing. Stay tuned for updates to discover the impact of these changes on your gaming experience.