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Map Only Up Everest Inoxtag Fortnite: What is the map code and how to play it?

 Inoxtag and Fortnite have teamed up to create a map depicting his ascent of Mount Everest! Here is the code if you want to play it.

Map Only Up Everest Inoxtag Fortnite: What is the map code and how to play it?

The universe of Fortnite continues to be enriched with incredible collaborations, and this time, it's aimed at fans of the essential Inoxtag! As part of its climb of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, Inoxtag has collaborated with a few brands like Nike, and now Fortnite.

You probably know Only Up, a game focused on its difficulty to finish in which you have to climb obstacles, but if you fall, you start again! The game was popular with the community and many fans had fun recreating the game on Fortnite by adapting it. This time it's samol1to and Yoshift, two users who created an Only Up map for Inoxtag on the ascent of Mount Everest! Find the code below.

Only Up Everest Inoxtag card code on Fortnite: How to play it? 

Do you want to climb Mount Everest like Inoxtag but on the Fortnite Only Up version? Here is the card code: 


As you know, Inox has unveiled its project for 2024, which it describes as a “project of a lifetime”: the ascent of Mount Everest. Sponsored by Nike and accompanied by professionals,  many fans wonder if it is even possible to succeed in this climb?  This undertaking is far from simple, as it represents a perilous climb requiring serious preparation.

Inoxtag has had this dream for a long time and wants to make it come true while sharing it with its community. By filming the ascent from A to Z with Nepalese cameramen, Inès Bennazzouz took on quite a challenge.