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Mario Wonder: this glitch will help you effortlessly complete many levels!

 In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you are free to complete the levels in the order you want as long as you have unlocked the associated worlds beforehand. However, a glitch allowing you to bypass the first four worlds of Mario Wonder has been discovered, and it's a real gold mine for speedrunning fans! We'll explain how it works.

Doing Mario Wonder backwards is possible

Although Super Mario Bros. Wonder gives players certain freedoms in terms of movement and order of completing levels, there is still a path to follow to follow the narrative. This route is enforced by invisible spatial boundaries and checkpoints requiring a certain number of prodigy seeds to be unlocked. This system allows the game to ensure that players cross the worlds in the correct order, and therefore that the story and dialogue make sense for their progression.

However, it seems that it is possible to do the game in reverse thanks to an incredible glitch discovered by several members of the community, such as BurgerandFreys who is at the origin of the glitch linked to the overworld, and Icay who put the feat to work in the following video:

Thanks to this glitch, you will be able to pass the majority of the levels of the first 4 worlds, which can be very interesting if you try your hand at speedrunning. Even doing it this way, you'll be able to go back and complete the levels you've passed once you've finished the game, just like you're doing it in reverse! If you want to use this glitch in Mario Wonder, you will find the explanations in French below:

How to speedrun Mario Wonder with a glitch?

As Icay explains in his video, you must start by doing the first 3 levels of the Plain of Pipes, namely the first steps in the Kingdom of Flowers, Piranha Parade, and Carapatte Catcher. Next, do the Interlude: Non-Stop Racing stage, and add a second player when you reach the end of the course. Use the second character to pick up the Prodigy Seed. He will then wear a crown.

Move the character with the crown to the Badge Pavilion in the Plain of Pipes. Move the other character to the top right of the screen, and reselect your characters from the + menu. The first character will now be able to move outside the limits. Move it to the bottom right of the screen, being careful to stay outside the limits (this part is a bit technical, you have to go slowly). Once you arrive at the bottom right of the map, you can return to solo mode, your initial character should be able to move freely.

When you arrive near the Pipe Plain Palace , a cutscene will begin and you will be stuck. To unblock yourself, go through the menu to return to the Interlude level: Non-stop racing and repeat the previous operation with the second character. Once this is done, you should be able to continue to the Floral Islands without doing an internship. You will then see a cutscene with Bowser and the royal seed of the first world even though you have never collected it.

Once the cutscene is over, play normally until the Climbing Sarbecanes Nest level. Once completed, add a second player and position the character with the crown at the very beginning of the islet where there is the pirahna plant blocking the path. Then, position the second character next to the piranha plant .

Make the second character jump and press + while he's still in the air. Reselect the characters from the menu, and press the down arrow. The second character should now be able to move out of bounds. Move it around the island very carefully and start a level on the right, like Badge Challenge: Dolphin Kick 2, for example. Exit the level, and you will have successfully passed Mount Nebulous !

To continue, do the Wiggle Race: Aquatic Journey, and unlock access to the Golden Falls with 5 Prodigy Seeds. Once you have passed the Master's Dojo, add a second player and place the character with the crown on the first yellow platform. Move the second character next to the bottom left level, and reselect your characters from the + menu. Once done, press up and left, and move the second character to the top left of the yellow platform to reveal a pipe that you can enter.

You will land in the Scorching Desert, but you will be blocked by a wall. To unlock yourself, level up nearby until you no longer have any lives. You will then reappear at the start of the Burning Desert! You can leave it without a problem, but you will need to collect at least 10 prodigy seeds in the Floral Islands to access it again.

From your position on the Floral Islands, you can now access worlds 5 and 6, namely the Fungal Mines and the Plant Volcano, but you will need the required number of prodigy seeds to open access. You will also have to complete the necessary levels to collect the last royal seeds. This will unlock the encounter against Bowser, and you will be able to complete the game normally! You can even collect the end medal this way, and finish Mario Wonder in record time.