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Marvel replaces Tony Stark with a new Iron Man


Marvel replaces Tony Stark with a new Iron Man

The X-Men will have to adapt to the latest changes that have shaken their lives as the end of the acclaimed era of Krakoa approaches , which ended abruptly after the attack led by Orchis during the Hellfire Gala. Now, the mutants have revealed the members of the team and have their own version of Iron Man. The latest comics have shown how Tony Stark had become an important ally of the X-Men , marrying Emma Frost , but It seems that it is another person who is inside the new suit.

A new Iron Man joins the X-Men for the final fight of the Age of Krakoa

The upcoming X-Men series Rise of the Powers of X and Fall of the House of Marvel teased some promotional content that included the cover drawn by artist Silva for Rise of the Powers of

The X-Men form an impressive group to recover from the Krakoa war

The group included some very recognizable members like Wolverine , Synch , Ms. Marvel , Shadowkat , and Iron Man's Mark Nil armor . At first glance, Iron Man seems like some kind of zombie that feeds on nightmares. Without a doubt, this Iron Man is not the charismatic Tony Stark but rather the island of Krakoa itself , which has now come to life.

The concept of Krakoa made its debut in the Marvel Universe in 1975. It is a kind of intelligent island that survives by absorbing energy from mutants. When Jonathan Hickman arrived in the X-Men comics , a new position was established for Krakoa : the island became an official nation for mutants. Since then, the X-Men have worked to create a homeland for mutants, unaware of the secret that pushed Charles Xavier and Magneto to make such a big change to defend all the X-Men .

Rise of the Powers of The series, which will take place ten years after the fall of the House of X, will see the god known as Dominion returning to Earth , with only the X-Men Synch to stop him. While Iron Man may seem like a surprising addition to this latest X-Men team , Tony has become an enemy of Orchis and has been fighting alongside the X-Men using his secret Mark Nil armor.

Krakoa itself has been the driving force behind X-Men stories for a long time, so it makes sense to merge it with Iron Man's Mark Nil armor , which has a wide range of powers. The comics Rise of the Powers of X #1 and Fall of the House of X #1 will arrive in January.