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Marvel Snap Spotlight Cache, what are the next cards highlighted?

 In Marvel Snap, you will be able to recover cards from time to time thanks to the Spotlight Cache. We tell you where to find the next highlighted cards.

Marvel Snap, the new card game centered on Marvel comic book heroes, has been available since October 18, 2022, on PC and mobile Android and iOS, and since its release, the game has been a huge success.

Within the game, you will be able to collect many cards, some of which can be collected as rewards in Spotlight Caches. Some players are wondering what cards will be featured in the next caches and we will tell you where to go to find out.

What are the next cards to collect from Spotlight Caches on Marvel Snap?

If you are looking to know what cards will be offered in the next Spotlight Caches, well, there is a site that informs you about all the next caches with each time the dates, and of course, the cards to obtain. To find out about them, all you have to do is go to the Marvel Snap Zone website and the page dedicated to the Spotlight Cache which is available at the link below.

Discover the upcoming cards highlighted in the Spotlight Caches on Marvel Snap 

What are the next cards to collect from Spotlight Caches on Marvel Snap

It is good to remember that each cache lasts 7 days and is available from Tuesday to the following Tuesday. If you want to collect the cards that interest you, hurry up because the offers are for a very limited time.