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Mass Effect 2029, the next game in the license could have a release window!

 The next game in the Mass Effect license is highly anticipated, but according to the latest rumors, the title may not be released anytime soon!

Mass Effect 2029, the next game in the license could have a release window!

Mass Effect is one of the most popular video game licenses, but no new opus has been released since Mass Effect Andromeda in 2017. However, in 2020, a new game was teased without really any additional element.

While we were treated to a new teaser during N7 2023, many players are wondering when the next Mass Effect will be released. If this is your case, we have bad news if you expect it fairly quickly and we will relay the information given to you by Jeff Grubb, an insider in the video game sector well known across the Atlantic.

The next Mass Effect game would not be released until 2029

According to Jeff Grubb during one of his podcasts, the next Mass Effect would not be released before 2029. Bioware would have chosen to follow the same development time as for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf which was revealed in 2018 and which should normally be released in 2024.

If we base ourselves on the development time of 6 years and that Bioware is undoubtedly not yet 100% launched in the production of the next Mass Effect game, we should logically have the game in 2029, or even 2030. Obviously, we will have to wait for the studio to formalize the information and for now, it is only a rumor.

We should undoubtedly know more about the next opus of the Mass Effect license in the months and years to come and who knows perhaps via a new teaser or a potential trailer during the Game Awards 2023 which will take place on December 7.