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Modern Warfare 3: How to fix sound error and mute lobbies?

 There is a problem on MW2 that could one day arise in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: all players are muted by default. This is a relatively annoying problem when we want to discuss with our team to develop strategies, particularly on game modes that lend themselves to it. So, find in this MW3 article, different solutions to restore the voice of your teammates.

Modern Warfare 3: How to fix sound error and mute lobbies?

Our solutions for muting MW3 lobbies

Everyone has already experienced this exasperation in a Call of Duty lobby. Barely arrived inside, one tells his friend about his day, another sings his song of the moment, some play in very noisy environments, and others argue following a previous game... In short, a lot of reasons that may lead to deactivating the players' voices, because we know that the strategy will not be there anyway.

Except that this incessant hubbub can end up missing: certain teammates have valuable information to give and hearing an ally rage can from time to time give rise to fits of laughter. Except it can happen that the muting persists and there is no solution to restore it, in the same way as on MW2. Also, find below our tips for restoring player voice.

Check your Sound settings

When changing certain parameters, it can happen that you modify Sound parameters without really paying attention to it. Make sure you have chosen Friends and Channels (or Living Room) to be able to hear the players accompanying you.

Check that you have not activated the Mute All option

When you enter a game, you can see a message at the bottom of your screen that indicates which channel you are in. If it says “ All muted ”, this means that you will not hear your allies despite the fact that you are in the voice channel. Restore the voices of your allies so you can finally hear them.

If the problem persists despite these two small manipulations, we invite you to restart the game. And if, however, you are still not able to hear your allies, we invite you to file a ticket with Activision support, because this would mean that it is a bug similar to that of MW2.