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Modern Warfare 3: How to get assets for free in Zombie mode?

 Do you want to continue the main story of Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, but optimizing your operator is taking too much time? In this MW3 article, we explain how to get free assets!

Modern Warfare 3: How to get assets for free in Zombie mode?

Complete MW3 Zombie main story missions

You may have already noticed, but it is possible to obtain the random Perk bonus as soon as a main story mission is completed during a game of Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023) . So, don't hesitate to continue your journey in Urzikstan when you complete a quest. All you have to do is open your tactical map to find out what the new quest is about and follow it!

Complete World Events and Zombie Mode Bounties

Although dropping trump cans is hit or miss, you have a high chance of getting trump cans when you successfully complete an event or contract.

Near contract objectives or in world events, you are more likely to find Ether Chests that hide perks or even weapon upgrades. So don't hesitate to complete this type of activity to earn credits, but above all to come across assets!

Receive assets for solving little secrets

We now get to the heart of the matter. MW3's Zombie mode is full of little secrets that offer advantages every time you unravel one. Here we give you the position of all the assets to collect for free!


To get a Juggernaut can for free, you will need to light the campfire located southwest of the turret in the Al-Abboud Condos complex. You'll find it to the west of the map, east of the Seaport District.

To light the campfire, nothing could be simpler, throw a Molotov cocktail and that's it.

  • There's a little blue bunny on one of the chairs, next to the campfire, so you can't go wrong.

PHD Flopper

You can obtain the PHD Flopper perk by simply jumping into Shanin Manor's pool from the roof. Go up the two floors of the house, then climb onto the terrace shelter. Start a sprint, then jump into the pool.

To be faster, you are invited to remove all the weapons you are carrying to give your operator more mobility.

Perception of death

By climbing to the top of the chimney located in Sorokin Industrial, in the far north of the map, parachute jump towards the southeast then cross the three rings located just after the railway. If you manage to cross all three rings in a single flight, a Reward Rift will open giving you a can of Death Perception.


The Energy asset can be obtained by walking up the 15 floors that lead to the roof of the largest tower in Zaravan City. This challenge takes a little time, but with a light weapon in hand, you'll be able to climb all these floors quickly!

Rapid resuscitation

The Rapid Resuscitation perk can be obtained by successfully completing the Rabbit Time Trial. The starting point of the race begins at the sign that we indicate below, then ends on another sign with a small rabbit above, the one just after.

Position yourself correctly under the panel, then wait for the rabbit to start laughing. As soon as he laughs, head towards the other sign, further down the highway.

To complete this challenge, you will need a fast vehicle. All you have to do is use a quad or a buggie, the two fast vehicles in Zombie mode.

Energizing cola

To get an Energy Cola, you will need to take a big car jump from the head of the bird statue located east of Levin Resort. Any car will do, the main thing is to make the jump!

Elemental Soda

To obtain this perk, you will need to dismantle your Sacred Punch weapon at the tomb which is located in one of the ruins in the level 3 zone. Your upgrades will be in the Reward Rift, so don't forget to collect it. You'll lose a level of Pack-A-Punch, but a chance to escape with mods and an Aether Crystal for your next games.

tomb stone

Obtaining this can is quite special, because only players with a rifle and a sniper scope will be able to obtain it. In the construction site located southwest of Zaravan Suburbs, your mission will be to aim and then mark the blue rabbit located on the yellow crane.

You now have everything you need to go hunting for free perks in Zombie mode in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3!