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Mortal Kombat 1: All Invasion Mode Clues and Solutions and How to Find Them

 These are the solutions for Mortal Kombat 1 track combats. Invasion mode has several secret routes that you will only access by beating battles while meeting certain requirements.

Mortal Kombat 1: All Invasion Mode Clues and Solutions and How to Find Them

Mortal Kombat 1 not only offers you a very interesting story mode but also allows you to play in the usual towers and Invasion mode. This mode, which will add content in each new season, asks you to travel a series of routes on boards. However, apart from overcoming battles, you will also have to find a way to open the secret routes, which in this season means obtaining the Infernal Stone or solving special clues. Here we are going to explain how to solve the special clues, how to locate their routes, and what awaits you on them.

What are track fights?

When you progress through Invasion mode, you will sometimes see that there is a route with a blocked path. They can be rubble, vessels, cars... it is different on each board or Plateau. When you are on the blocked route box, you will see that "Hint" appears above the combat name , followed by a message that will sometimes be words with jumbled letters or a phrase.

This clue is what tells you which character you should use if you have to do a certain action during it if you have to win with a specific fatality ...

All clues and solutions

These are all the clues you will find (for the moment) and the solution to it.

  • ODALIH: You have to finish the fight using Ashrah's Secret Fatality (mid-range; down, down, back, circle/B/A (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).
  • SUYEDRET LE ODNUM: You have to finish the fight using Cyrax's Kameo Fatality (mid-range; forward, back, forward R1/RB/R (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).
  • AMNISLTA4: You must equip a talisman with 4 charges and use all 4 in combat.
  • TOASTY!!!: You have to finish the fight using Scorpion's Kameo Fatality (mid-range; down, forward, down R1/RB/R (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).
  • I'm pulling my hair out: You have to change stances 30 times in a fight and then win it (L2 on PS5, LT on Xbox Series S|X, ZL on Nintendo Switch)).
  • Gameplay: You have to use Shang Tsung's Secret Fatality (mid-range; forward, down, back, triangle/Y/X (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).
  • CUACKX10: You have to crouch a minimum of 10 times and then win the fight.
  • EMIDOON NIETROIR: You have to finish the fight using Sareena's Kameo Fatality (mid-range; back, down, down, R1/RB/R (PS5/Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch)).
  • ERCA CSACO: You have to finish the fight using a Havik Fatality (it doesn't matter which one).
  • UOTCR EDL BORSEMOR: You have to finish the fight using Kung Lao's Kameo Fatality (mid-range; forward, back, forward, R1/RB/R (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).
  • Use the life-giving element: You have to finish the fight using Rain's Fatality (from close range; down, down, back circle/B/A (PS5/Xbox Series S|X/Nintendo Switch)).

What's on the trail routes?

As a general rule, they are routes with a single box behind them, which is usually a chest with exclusive cosmetics.

How to find clue fights

Obviously, there's no way you'll remember where all the track battles were if you didn't complete them as you progressed. Luckily, the game has a special "compass". Just look at the color of the path between the boxes.

  • If the route is green, following it will take you to a blocked route that you can open. Logically this could be that you haven't completed the entire board yet, a Hellstone portal route, or a secret track combat route.
  • If the route is light blue, following it will not lead you to anything new.