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My Hero Academia reveals the dark origin of All for One


My Hero Academia reveals the dark origin of All for One

The latest chapters of the My Hero Academia manga have focused on All For One, the controversial villain who has wreaked havoc and imparted a reign of terror since the beginning of the series, as the fearsome Demon King seems to be going through a bad time, as that with Bakugo's return their plans have been truncated, leaving them in great trouble.

Likewise, everything seems to indicate that the end of My Hero Academia could be closer than is believed, since the last chapters of the manga have been addressing part of the biggest mysteries of this work, providing greater context for many of the events of the past, so much so that they have decided to delve a little deeper into the controversial All For One, who apparently could be defeated by Katsuki Bakugo.

In fact, the most recent chapter of the manga has focused on All For One, revealing the origin of this fearsome villain, who apparently from his birth was a very dark being, marked by evil.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #407 of the My Hero Academia manga.

The dark origin of All For One has been revealed

All For One's dark past has been revealed in chapter 407 of My Hero Academia
All For One's dark past has been revealed in chapter 407 of My Hero Academia

Each chapter of the final arc of My Hero Academia has been epic since they have given closure to the predestined battles of the most relevant characters of the series, just as more details of many events from the past have been revealed. among them, the past of All For One, which was one of the most anticipated moments by fans.

The most recent chapter of My Hero Academia has taken a look at the origins of All For One, making a great reveal that has completely changed the history of this work, since this new information recontextualizes the facts established in the first chapter of the series.

But this is not all, since through a flashback it has been possible to see the origin of All For One, who together with Yoichi were conceived by a single sex worker who did not know she was pregnant, a disturbing detail that gives rise to many concerns... Likewise, in the womb, AFO stole what little nutrition her mother was taking, also taking it from her younger brother in the womb, which explains why the latter was born so sick.

The birth of both twins ended the life of their mother, because, immediately, All For One showed traits of what would be his disturbing personality, since this villain began to feed on his mother's corpse, since he had inherited a peculiarity of his progenitor even long before the existence of the gifts was announced.

During his growth, All For One used the power inherited from his mother to take the lives of several civilians, unleashing a reign of terror from an early age, because with the rise of the quirks he decided to go after each of the people with a quirk to murder them and steal their powers, revealing their possessive personality.

In this chapter it could also be seen that All For One kept Yoichi close to him at all times since he felt that he belonged to him, this villain grew up with the mentality that everything around him should be his possession, this being a detail that explains many of his twisted motivations, becoming a macabre and dark character.

It should be noted that, since his birth, All For One proved to be full of evil, since the dark past of this villain makes it very clear why this individual calls himself the Demon King, since he is the very incarnation of evil.

It is necessary to highlight that the dark origin of All For One has changed the history of My Hero Academia completely, giving way to new concerns that will be answered very soon, since the past of this villain could explain many of the great mysteries of this series...