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My Hero Academia shows that Deku is not the best student for All Might


My Hero Academia shows that Deku is not the best student for All Might

Since the beginning of My Hero Academia, it has been seen that All Might and Deku have forged a strong bond since the #1 hero after having inherited the One For All went on to become his mentor, their relationship as student and teacher being vital for the plot, since it guided and protected him at all times.

During the development of the story it could be seen that the bond between All Might and Deku became stronger, to the point that he became a kind of father figure for Midoriya, worrying about the young hero at all times, since Having received One For All, he needed to train his body to withstand this immeasurable power, so the attention he gave him implied that the Symbol of Peace saw him as his best and most important student.

However, the most recent chapter of the My Hero Academia manga could have proven otherwise, since after the perfect return of Bakugo, All Might seemed to have been amazed by the abilities of this young hero, praising him and thanking him for his actions in this final battle, confirming that Deku is not the only important student for Toshinori Yagi.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #405 of the My Hero Academia manga.

All Might's gesture with Bakugo confirms that Deku is not the only important student he has

Chapter after chapter, the final arc of My Hero Academia has been whole ups and downs of emotions since Kohei Horikoshi has given exceptional development to the current events of the manga since he has dedicated himself to closing the confrontations in a sublime way. predestined among the most relevant characters of the work, giving them a coherent and very emotional conclusion that showed different nuances of said individuals.

In fact, the most recent chapter has delved a little deeper into the relationship between Bakugo and All Might, since the controversial Katsuki managed to save Toshinori Yagi from All For One, who was about to end his life, fulfilling the terrible prophecy of Sir Night Eye. However, the young hero arrived at just the right time to avoid a fatal outcome.

Bakugo's action of saving All Might aroused the admiration of the #1 hero, who praised the explosive hero and decided to give him one last gift, showing that Deku is not the only important student for Toshinori Yagi, since the Symbol of Peace gave him He gave the last part of his armor so that he could use it in his battle against All For One, a gesture that caused Katsuki a lot of satisfaction, who received what he wanted so much, the admiration of his idol.

Despite his controversial attitude, Bakugo was also a big fan of All Might like Deku, which is why he always tried to seek the approval and praise of the #1 hero, finally, after his incredible development and exponential increase in his abilities, he has obtained the admiration of his idol, a detail that the controversial explosive hero who has made his way into the series, becoming one of the most powerful characters, longed for.

All Might's admiration and support for Bakugo have served to motivate the young hero and decide to go for All For One, anticipating the final battle between the two, as the explosive hero has joined his best friend, Deku, to end this relentless war once and for all.

The incredible growth that Bakugo has had has led All Might, his idol, to praise him, demonstrating his admiration for the young hero who saved his life and who has been very crucial in this fascinating story, a detail that Katsuki will treasure forever. life.

Without a doubt, this gesture from All Might confirms that both Deku and Bakugo are very important to him since the #1 hero has been characterized by guiding the new generation to follow his great legacy, which many have followed at the foot of the letter, as is the case of Katsuki and Midoriya, who became heroes due to their admiration and respect for Toshinori Yagi.