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My Hero Academia studio reveals its surprising new project


My Hero Academia studio reveals its surprising new project

My Hero Academia, the popular work by Kohei Horikoshi, has received its adaptation to digital format from Studio Bones, who have established themselves as one of the most interesting animation studios of the moment, which is not surprising, since they have made an excellent job with this series, highlighting each moment of this story in a spectacular way.

It is known that Studio Bones is working on the seventh season of My Hero Academia, which will be full of very surprising moments that this fabulous studio will surely adapt as it has been doing, with great quality and attention to detail that highlights each one of them. the sequences of this work.

However, it seems that this is not the only work that Studio Bones is doing, since recently, this animation studio has revealed a surprising new project that will surely fascinate fans.

Studio Bones to adapt The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies to the anime

As we have mentioned, Studio Bones has distinguished itself for the great work it has done with each season of the My Hero Academia anime, which has had excellent animation and high-quality effects that have significantly improved each moment of the plot, making of this great story more surprising than it already was.

Studio Bones' work with the My Hero Academia anime has enhanced the story of Kohei Horikoshi since this studio has made each sequel and scene of this work a true marvel that has been liked by fans, a clear example of This was the recent sixth season of MHA, which had excellent animation that uniquely transmitted every moment and sensation of the characters that starred in this installment.

Likewise, Studio Bones seems to have made a new bet, since they have recently announced that they will adapt to digital format a new project called The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies, the work of Cocoa Fujiwara, this being a real surprise since a small teaser of this new anime was revealed through Anime NYC 2023.

At the moment there is no tentative release date for this new project. However, it is known that production of this anime will be in charge of Akiyo Oohashi, will be in charge of the direction, Yuniko Ayana will be in charge of the script, Haruko Lizuka will be in charge of the character design and Mayuko will be in charge of the soundtrack. , so this could be a quite promising project.

It should be noted that the romantic fantasy manga The Magical Girl and the Evil Lieutenant Used to be Archenemies was interrupted in 2015 due to the death of its author, so it only had three volumes published, which is why it is very brief.

This manga tells the story of Mira, the cunning brain behind an evil organization that plans to destroy everything in its path, so, one day, everything changes, since a young woman named Byakuya Mimori decides to confront said organization, opposing the evil plans of this group, a detail that surprises Mira, who ends up falling in love with this brave girl.

Without a doubt, Studio Bones has become one of the most popular animation studios today with high-quality standards that have been reflected in the My Hero Academia anime, so it is not surprising that this new project arouses interest. interest in the followers of this study, since the premise of this work and the meaning behind it add greater impact to this new anime.