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Naruto: why the Akatsuki symbol is a red cloud


Naruto: why the Akatsuki symbol is a red cloud

Some of the best villains in anime history are in Naruto and any fan of the franchise knows perfectly well how important the Akatsuki have been to the plot. This peculiar group of criminals exiled from their villages has given the ninja world a lot of problems since the beginning of history since they are in charge of carrying out an evil plan that is very dangerous for all nations.

Although it goes into quite a bit of detail about the origin of each of the members of Akatsuki, there is one question that viewers always ask about this organization and that is regarding its logo. Well, this group is recognized for wearing a print of red clouds with a white silhouette on their suits, which makes them different from other ninjas. If you still don't know what this means, we will explain it to you in the following information.

Where does the Akatsuki name come from in Naruto?

The first thing to understand is where the name Akatsuki comes from. This can be translated as "dawn" or "sunrise" in Japanese, which might seem contradictory since the Akatsuki usually operate at night and hide their faces with black hats and cloaks. However, this title has a deeper origin and meaning that also goes hand in hand with the logo.

The founder of the Akatsuki was Madara Uchiha, the legendary leader of the Uchiha clan who rebelled against the village of Konoha. Madara had a very pessimistic view of the ninja world, which he considered an endless cycle of hatred and violence. Therefore, he devised a plan to create a world of illusions where all living beings would be connected and happy under his control. This plan was called "Moon Eye Plan" which was carried out with the Infinite Tsukuyomi jutsu, but to carry it out he needed to gather the nine-tailed beasts and use them as a power source to project his genjutsu on the moon.

Obviously, doing all this was not easy for one person, so Madara founded the Akatsuki as a secret organization to fulfill his plan, recruiting many powerful ninjas and criminals to achieve it. Therefore, the name of the Akatsuki symbolizes the beginning of a new era, where the world would be illuminated by the light of the moon and Madara would be the god who leads all people to prevent more wars.

Why is the Akatsuki symbol a red cloud?

The Akatsuki red cloud has a terrifying meaning
The Akatsuki red cloud has a terrifying meaning

The Akatsuki's symbol is a stylized red cloud that appears on their black cloaks. This symbol has several possible meanings and interpretations. One explanation is that it represents the blood shed by the Akatsuki in their missions and combats since they have no qualms about killing their enemies or allies if they betray or hinder them. At the same time, it could symbolize the desire for revenge of some members of the Akatsuki, such as Itachi Uchiha, Sasori, or Nagato.

Another explanation is that the red cloud represents fire, one of the basic elements of ninjutsu. Fire is an element associated with the Uchiha clan, to which Madara and Itachi belonged. Furthermore, it is a destructive element that could reflect Akatsuki's intentions to end the old world order and create a new one under their rule.

The third meaning, and the most logical for most followers, is that it represents the dawn, just like its name in Japanese. Practically, it would be a symbol of the moment when the sun appears on the horizon and dyes the sky red since the Moon's Eye Plan could reflect this tone of illumination when activated.

In conclusion, the Akatsuki is an organization with a name and a symbol loaded with deep meanings. Its name alludes to Madara's plan to create a world of illusions and its logo can refer to blood, fire or dawn, depending on the perspective of each viewer.