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Naruto: why Kakashi has Sharingan and can't deactivate it


Naruto: why Kakashi has Sharingan and can't deactivate it

The story of Naruto has many extremely outstanding characters who, thanks to their personality, skills, and qualities, have been able to become one of the most loved by fans, being one of those favorite characters of the followers of this work none other than Kakashi Hatake, Naruto's teacher.

Throughout the story, various details have been revealed regarding him and the other main characters of the work, so that fans can get to know them a little better; However, one aspect that has been a great mystery regarding Kakashi for a long time is this character never deactivates his Sharingan, and even, for many fans, it is also an enigma how he obtained this technique in the first place. .

Regarding these two big questions related to Kakashi and his Sharingan, below we will explain why the character has a Sharingan and why he can never deactivate it.

Why can't Kakashi deactivate the Sharingan?

In the history of Naruto, there is no definitive answer to this mystery regarding Kakashi, which has become one of the greatest mysteries related to the character, along with the great enigma of why he always wears a mask.

However, since there is no official answer to this question, fans have created their own theories and speculations about the possible reasons why Kakashi cannot deactivate the Sharingan.

One such fan theory proposes that Kakashi, not being a Uchiha, does not have the ability to fully control and master the ability, such as to activate and deactivate it at will. It is likely that the shinobi had some fear of deactivating the Sharingan and losing it, which would not only take away an ability but would also imply the loss of the gift of one of his greatest friends.

On the other hand, fans also have the theory that Kakashi cannot deactivate the Sharingan because, taking into account that Obito gave him his eye with the technique activated, it probably cannot be deactivated, but may somehow be deactivated. has been left in that state, without Kakashi being able to have control over the technique to activate and deactivate it whenever he wants.

None of these theories have been confirmed or denied by the creator of the story, but both sound quite logical and coherent to explain the possible reasons why Kakashi never deactivates the sharingan.

How did Kakashi get the Sharingan?

Now, as to why Kakashi has the Sharingan if he is not a member of the Uchiha Clan nor does he have any direct connection with this clan, there is a concrete and definitive answer for this.

When she was young, while on a mission together with her teammates, Obito and Rin, the latter was trapped, so Kakashi went to save her along with Obito and was seriously injured by an enemy in his left eye on his way to find his partner.

After rescuing Rin, just when they were about to escape from the cave they were in, there was a collapse that ended up causing a large rock to crush the entire right side of Obito's body, who, sensing that he was about to die, dying, he decided to give his left eye and sharingan to Kakashi as a gift for becoming a Jounin.

In short, Kakashi's Sharingan was basically an extremely special gift from one of his classmates, with whom, although he did not get along so well at first, he was eventually able to establish a great friendship, and who remained with him through his eye throughout the entire story even after having presumably been crushed to death under that rock.