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Night Market Valorant 2023, what date for the next Night Market?

 Night Markets are regularly set up on Valorant, allowing you to obtain skins at reduced prices! But when is the next one?

Night Market Valorant 2023, what date for the next Night Market?

The Night Markets are highly anticipated in Valorant, because they allow players to purchase certain skins at reduced prices, for around two weeks each time! These skins are always six in number and random for each player.

When is the next Valorant Night Market?

That's it, we finally know the date of the next Valorant Market! The 2023 Nightmarket will take place from Wednesday, October 11 to Monday, October 30, 2023


Previous Night Markets took place on the dates displayed in the table below:

NameStart dateEnd date
Night Market 1December 10, 2020January 11, 2021
Night Market 2February 11, 2021February 23, 2021
Night Market 3April 8, 2021April 20, 2021
Night Market 4June 2, 2021June 15, 2021
Night Market 5July 28, 2021August 10, 2021
Night Market 6September 29, 2021October 12, 2021
Night Market 7December 9, 2021December 21, 2021
Night Market 8February 9, 2022February 22, 2022
Night Market 9April 6, 2022April 19, 2022
Night Market 10May 18, 2022May 31, 2022
Night Market 11July 20, 2022August 2, 2022
Night Market 12September 28, 2022October 11, 2022
Night Market 13December 7, 2022January 4, 2023
Night Market 14February 15, 2023February 27, 2023
Night Market 15April 5, 2023April 25, 2023
Night Market 16June 7, 2023June 27, 2023

As always, six random skins are offered to each player, at a reduced price. It is therefore very interesting to be able to take advantage of these Night Markets, especially when it comes to expensive skins!

Where to find the Night Market in Valorant?

To access it, you should see a glowing logo in the right corner of your screen when you launch the game. Then simply click on this icon and you will have access to all the skins on sale. 

What is the Night Market in Valorant?

The Valorant Night Market is a promotional skin sale that appears randomly once during each Game Act. Six different weapon skins are offered to players at a discounted price.