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Not enough clients in Cities: Skylines 2 - how to increase the number of clients


Not enough clients in Cities: Skylines 2 - how to increase the number of clients

While playing Cities: Skylines 2, sometimes players will have to face difficulties and find ways to overcome them. One of the common problems is “Not enough customers” which is found in commercial areas. A lack of visitors can cause building downtime and reduced revenue. With the right planning and preparation, this problem can be solved quite easily.

How to increase the number of clients in Cities: Skylines 2

In Cities: Skylines 2, the problem of a lack of customers in commercial areas is often due to their poor location. Stores located too far from residential areas or with poor accessibility may experience a lack of foot traffic. Additionally, excess retail space can also contribute to this problem. It is important to balance the number of market zones with the real demand of residents in order to avoid their downtime and negative impact on the city’s economy. When planning zones, it is necessary to take into account accessibility for potential buyers and not create an excess of them, which will ensure prosperity and help increase the city's coffers.

Build residential areas

To increase the profitability of commercial zones, it is recommended to organize residential areas around them. The ratio of area to the number of potential buyers should be such that there are always more buyers than retail outlets. This will ensure a high flow of customers and, as a result, increased income. Proper planning of residential areas around these areas will not only improve their efficiency but also improve accessibility for residents, making them more desirable places to shop.

Place your commercial space correctly

Take a look at the “Information Views” tab and track statistics on the commercial attractiveness of various areas of the city. Before choosing a zone, carefully study the customer data: places that are ideal for trading will be highlighted in green, less suitable ones in orange, and unsuitable ones in red. It is also worth considering that different densities of market areas require different approaches to location selection, so be sure to compare their commercial suitability before planning.

Make commercial areas more accessible

Most buyer shortage problems arise from affordability issues, especially in larger areas due to high traffic on the roads. Try to ensure that there are no traffic jams near the commercial area, practice proper parking spaces, and build stops for public transport and taxis.

If you followed the advice in this guide and the problem continues to haunt you, you are most likely encountering a bug. The optimal solution in this situation is to demolish the building or area and rebuild it. We hope this guide helped you solve problems with a lack of clients in Cities: Skylines 2.