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One of the great tragedies of My Hero Academia was ignored by history


One of the great tragedies of My Hero Academia was ignored by history

Since its inception, My Hero Academia has been full of all kinds of events that have marked a before and after in the series, from great tragedies to moments of great happiness, since Kohei Horikoshi has told this story in a very interesting way, adding various elements that have made the plot develop in a unique way.

Likewise, one of the many tragedies that occurred in My Hero Academia had to do with the kidnapping of some students by the League of Villains, who carried out these controversial actions, unleashing chaos everywhere, since one of the kidnapped characters was Katsuki Bakugo, who from that moment understood what it really meant to be a hero.

Bakugo's kidnapping caught everyone's attention, so many mobilized to rescue this student. However, sometime later, Camie Utsushimi was also kidnapped by the League of Villains, but this terrible act did not receive the same attention as Katsuki's kidnapping, this being a great tragedy that was ignored by history and that could be a great Shiketsu Academy's mistake.

The kidnapping of Camie Utsushimi is one of the great forgotten tragedies of My Hero Academia

As we have mentioned, My Hero Academia contains surprising moments that have developed the story in a unique way , as Horikoshi has stood out for using various elements to give a more significant role to his characters, as was the case of the League of Villains, who They made their way by kidnapping students, a detail that could be somewhat disturbing, as was evidenced during the capture of Bakugo and Camie by this group.

However, unlike Bakugo's kidnapping, Camie's did not have a great impact, as it went unnoticed, being forgotten to such an extent that her own academy had not realize this terrible event, and Camie was attacked by Himiko Toga, who set out for her to infiltrate the Provisional License Exams, completely missing these events.

In fact, the real Camie Utsushimi appeared 50 chapters later, during the Remedial Course arc, with an apparent memory loss that she had to deal with for four days. Likewise, Shiketsu Academy never suspected that Camie had been replaced by her until they saw her return, a detail that confirms the little attention and protection they give to her students .

Furthermore, compared to UA Academy, Shiketsu Academy did not comment on this incident with Camie, which could be interpreted as a cover-up given the consequences caused by Bakugo's kidnapping, this being a great tragedy that was forgotten, or in Its defect, the sepulchral silence that existed meant that it did not have a greater impact on the society of heroes.

Had Camie's kidnapping received more attention like the Bakugo incident, it would have been taken advantage of by the League of Villains, who would have led the population to lose faith in heroes and doubt their ability to protect people, which would have caused great distrust among the population towards hero schools.

Without a doubt, the kidnapping of Camie Utsuhimi is one of the forgotten tragedies of My Hero Academia, which did not receive due attention, this being a somewhat questionable detail that calls into question Shiketsu Academy's treatment and protection of its students... Likewise, this incident with Bakugo and this heroine made schools like the UA take measures to avoid these types of events since they were more aware of the danger that Himiko Toga's gift could represent, who infiltrated as if nothing had happened during this event.