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One Piece 1098 Scan: The darkest scan of the entire manga? Poor Ginny!

 We learn more about Ginny, Jewerly Bonney's mother, and her tragic story. Kidnapped, suffering from an incurable disease, and thrown by a Celestial Dragon.

One Piece 1098 Scan: The darkest scan of the entire manga? Poor Ginny!

In One Piece scan 1098, we discover that Ginny was kidnapped to become the wife of a Tenryuubito, although the identity of the Tenryuubito in question is not revealed. It is mentioned that the entire Revolutionary Army troop that Ginny belonged to was wiped out in a surprise attack orchestrated by the World Government.

Now kidnapped by a Celestial Dragon and the World Government, she gives birth to Jewerly Bonney and two years later, Ginny contracts a deadly disease called "Sapphire Scale". This is a rare disease, even rarer than “Amber Lead Syndrome”. We tell you everything in this article.

Scan One Piece 1098: Oda goes into Berzerk mode, the death of Ginny and the revelations about Bonney

Following Ginny's kidnapping, the Revolutionary Army becomes more violent, and Kuma, a central character, intensifies his fighting. We are witnessing a significant moment where the Revolutionary Army rescues individuals from the Kingdom of Goa. Afterward, Kuma teleports to another island to support the rebels and manages to end the conflict on his own. 

Bonney is the child born from the union of Ginny and Tenryubito. When Sapphire Scale patients are exposed to natural light (sun or moon), their skin turns blue and hardens like stone or scales.

The illness has such a devastating effect on Ginny that she becomes unrecognizable. The Celestial Dragon then decides to free her (his face is never visible throughout the chapter, only his voice is heard). Ginny returns to the Sorbet Kingdom and entrusts Bonney to the island's elders.

Afterwards, Ginny contacts the Revolutionary Army from the church where she lives with Kuma, and she shares a moving message with them. However, tragedy looms when Kuma, while attempting to teleport to Ginny, fails to hear her final message.

Kuma arrives at the Sorbet Kingdom, but it is too late, Ginny has died. He takes care of Bonney with the help of the elders. However, when Bonney also develops symptoms of Sapphire Scale, Kuma decides to leave the Revolutionary Army to care for her. Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, approves of his decision and promises to seek help from all the doctors he knows to try to save Bonney.

The chapter ends by revealing that Bonney can no longer leave the church to avoid natural light, while Kuma brings her books on different islands to read. They spend time together, dancing and living like father and daughter. Bonney, whose face is affected by the Sapphire Scale, is nicknamed "Jewelry" by Kuma.

A few years pass, and Bonney is now five years old. Kuma consults a doctor about Bonney's disease, who tells her that although she has never been exposed to natural light, the disease will worsen with age and that she will die around the age of ten. years. Bonney, who only hears the "around the age of ten" part, rejoices at the thought that she will be healed at that age.

Kuma, who had always been optimistic about Bonney's recovery, finds himself in a difficult situation where he cannot tell her the truth. Another year passes, Bonney is now six years old, and the chapter ends as Bekori, the former king of Sorbet, returns to the Sorbet Kingdom and begins slaughtering the inhabitants. People seek Kuma's help, creating palpable suspense for the rest of the story.

This year broke Oda's break record, with shorter chapters consisting of 13 pages, many worried about the author's health. We hope that, if he is unwell, Oda will recover so that he can write even more wonders.