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One-Punch Man reveals who Saitama's best friend is and it's not who you think


One-Punch Man reveals who Saitama's best friend is and it's not who you think

One Punch Man addresses very interesting moments that have provided a different perspective on the hilarious adventures of Saitama and company since everything seems to indicate that the biggest mystery that this series houses could be revealed much sooner than is believed, a detail that prepares the ground for the coming events of the play.

Likewise, as the plot has developed, some curiosities about Saitama have been learned, which have allowed us to understand a little more about the hilarious personality of the bald hero.

However, this is not the only interesting detail that has been revealed about Saitama, since the bald hero himself could have indirectly revealed who his best friend is, and no, it is not Genos, which makes this more interesting. unveiling.

This post contains Spoilers for chapter #194 of the One Punch Man manga.

Everything seems to indicate that King is Saitama's best friend

Since the beginning of Punch Man, it has been seen that Saitama has forged a great bond with Genos, who feels deep admiration and respect for the bald hero, to the point of becoming his disciple and moving with him to learn every detail of this controversial hero.

However, despite the close bond that has been forged between Genos and Saitama, everything seems to indicate that the bald hero does not see him as his best friend, since the most recent chapter has shown with Saitama's actions that he could consider another character as his best friend.

And, during this chapter, Saitama feels overwhelmed after being misunderstood by Genos, Flashy Flash, and Sonic, since they all agreed on a mission and do not hesitate to demonstrate their admiration and interest in Saitama by misinterpreting the words of the controversial bald hero. However, as a form of escape, Saitama writes to King to play video games to relieve his stress.

This action of the bald hero could indicate that Saitama's best friend is King, feeling overwhelmed and misunderstood, he goes to him to talk and play video games, since it seems that King is the only person who sees him as he really is, this being an essential quality for a friend.

In fact, it is not unreasonable that Saitama considers King his best friend since both have created a close relationship in which the bald hero knows King's big secret, accepting it anyway, and, on the other hand, King seems to be the only one who does not misunderstand Saitama, a detail that could have been liked by the bald hero who is usually very distant with others.

Furthermore, King has always been a foil and confidant for Saitama, as he understands him perfectly and does not misinterpret his actions and statements like the rest, which has made the bond between both heroes stronger, showing that this could be Saitama's best friend, being a somewhat unexpected detail, since many could have assured that Genos was the best friend of the controversial and hilarious bald hero.

King, from the beginning, has been configured as Saitama's counterpart, so in a way both share things in common that reinforce their bond and friendship, since neither of them misunderstand each other, giving way to a great friendship. which has been evidenced in this chapter.

It should be noted that, despite this, Saitama does not feel any rejection of Genos, but the admiration of the demonic cyborg has come between them in a true friendship, since he usually misinterprets many of the bald hero's statements, taking them as constant teachings despite because they are mostly criticisms or thoughts of Saitama.

Evidently, Saitama also considers Genos his friend, but his admiration and not fully understanding the bald hero has taken away the weight of their friendship. However, that doesn't mean that Saitama doesn't have a high regard for the demonic cyborg, as he has a close bond with this powerful and beloved hero.