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Ordering WoW Dragonflight merchandise, how to do it?

 World of Warcraft Dragonflight has just released its patch 10.2, Guardians of the Dream. New quests arrive, requesting goods.

World of Warcraft Dragonflight launched in the Dreamkeepers patch, also called patch 10.2, on November 8, 2023. This patch adds a lot of new features, such as dungeons and a raid, which will be available on November 15, 2023, for season 3 of Dragonflight.

In the new Emerald Dream zone, you can find a whole set of points of interest, such as the new Superbloom event but also brand new NPCs to help you in your quest! Today, let's try to figure out how to place orders for goods.

How to get goods orders in WoW?

To get orders for goods, you need to find Vashonir. Vashonir is an NPC who will allow you to create Goods Orders with your crafting materials and then give them to another NPC, Eran'dna, for rewards. The position of this Vashonir is as follows:

How to get goods orders in WoW

Once you're in the small camp just below Amidrassil, you can find him in a tent just past the flight master and past a small river. In the tent circle, you'll find him in the biggest tent on the left, if you look east.

Once you find it, you can use crafting materials to create orders for goods and trade them to its neighbor, who will give you a set of new rewards.