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Overwatch 2: New PvP game mode: Clash

 With the new Blizzcon announcements, Overwatch 2 received several new features such as a new hero, but also a new game mode.

Blizzcon is here and we have a lot to discover for the return of the famous Blizzard physics conference, directly in California. This conference has been an opportunity for many years for the studio to make its biggest announcements, and we expect a lot of new stuff in 2023.

Overwatch 2 received a brand new hero for Season 8, announced at Blizzcon. But on top of that, the development team announced the arrival of a brand new PvP mode, in addition to bringing back an old map from the game for the latter.

All-new game mode for Overwatch 2: Clash game mode

With the arrival of Blizzcon, Overwatch 2 has a lot of new features to announce. We currently do not have all the details or all the information on this game mode, but we already have some little information on the rules of this game mode and on the first map of this game mode.

This new PvP mode will therefore be a mode with five points of interest that each team will have to contest. If a team manages to have all the points of interest, it wins. These points also give a score, and if no team manages to control all the points, then the game will be decided by score.

In addition to this rule, we have discovered that the very first map of Clash mode will be inspired by the old map, Hanamura.

All-new game mode for Overwatch 2: Clash game mode

Its name will of course be changed and the map will receive modifications, but we don't have many more images at the moment. It's very good news for old fans to rediscover one of the community's favorite maps in terms of atmosphere and design. We will know more in the future.