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Phasmophobia Trainer for Cheat Engine [UPD: 10/27/2023]


Phasmophobia Trainer for Cheat Engine [UPD: 10/27/2023]

Functions and commands:

  • LightMode/DarkMode - change the background color of the menu;
  • EnableCheats - activates cheats, may take 5-10 seconds for all cheats to work properly;
  • Fullbright - increases the brightness of ambient lighting (may lead to a drop in frame rate);
  • Binds (List Of Keybinds) - bindings (list of key bindings);
  • SpoofID - changes Steam ID to NoSteam;
  • NewName - Create a multiplayer private lobby, enter a new name in the NewName field, press ENTER, then change your character model to update the name;
  • TP - teleport = to the truck, to the death room, to the user position);
  • Player - edit character characteristics;
  • InfStam - infinite stamina;
  • MaxReach - maximum coverage;
  • MovementSpeed ​​- edit movement speed;
  • ThrowStrength — edit the throw strength;
  • Sanity - change the player's sanity;
  • Invincible - invincible;
  • NoClip - fly through walls (Space up, Ctrl down);
  • CanPickup - can be picked up after death;
  • PocketEverything - Can put any item in your pocket (camera tripods/cursed objects;
  • CompleteMissions - complete all missions when exiting the game (only for yourself);
  • AppearGhost - makes the ghost visible for a second to everyone (you can change the visibility state using GhostEvents) (depends on the type of ghost);
  • StayVisible - makes the ghost visible to everyone until it is turned off or interrupted (Turn off between games or the ghost will break);
  • Suicide - instantly kill yourself (does not create a body);
  • ReviveAll - revives all dead players (sometimes the number of slots in the revived player's inventory will change (can be somewhere between 0-30 slots);
  • ButterFingers - causes all players to throw away their inventory;
  • LockDoors - closes and locks all doors;
  • UnLockDoors - unlocks and opens all doors (if the front door (CantWalkThrough) breaks, call the hunt or wait for the hunt, and the door should be repaired);
  • LevelInfo — edit level;
  • GhostInfo - edit the name of the ghost, type of ghost, current location of the ghost, evidence;
  • PlayerInfo - edit player names, sanity, current room, SteamID, if player is alive or dead (A/D);
  • Kill' Individual Players (HostOnly (Unless for self, works as 'Suicide - kills a player, spawns a body (don't spam, otherwise the player will get stuck in the death room);
  • Cursed - edit the curse;
  • TarotCards - edit tarot cards;
  • And other pointers.

First, open the game, then the menu, if a crash occurs, close and open again.

How to start:

  • Open Cheat Engine;
  • Click Load and select the table;
  • Click Select a process to open and select the desired process;
  • Select the desired option and put a cross.
Related files:

Trainer installation instructions

How to properly unpack a file?

In 95% of cases, game files are in .RAR or .ZIP format. The first ones can be downloaded and unpacked using the trial version of the WinRAR program. To do this, open the archive using this program by clicking on the “Extract to” button (“Extract to” in the English version) and select any folder on your hard drive, but do not select the folder with the game, since the archive may have subfolders, and then the file won't work.

If the file is packed in a ZIP archive, then it will be enough to open it through standard Windows Explorer. Sometimes there may be archives with a .7Z extension; to unpack them, you will need to download the 7-Zip archiver. It's free and quite convenient, and can also work with .RAR and a bunch of other, less popular archive types.

How to install the trainer correctly?

When you have unpacked the archive, find it through Explorer and view the contents of the folder. Usually the trainer is a single file with the .EXE extension, but sometimes it can include others, as well as instructions (usually called ReadMe.txt).

The installation method for all trainers is similar and consists of placing all files in the game distribution, in the same folder where the executable file is located, which is responsible for launching the game. Sometimes finding it is not so easy, but if you have an icon on your desktop with which you can launch the game, then you can use the following method:

1. Right-click on the icon;

2. In the context menu that opens, select the “Properties” option;

3. In the window that opens, go to the “Shortcut” tab and click on the “File location” button.

After this, the folder in which the EXE file of the game is located will open in Explorer. The trainer must be copied to the same folder, unless the instructions included with the trainer say otherwise.

After this, all that remains is to launch the trainer and familiarize yourself with the keyboard shortcuts to activate its capabilities, and then, without closing the trainer, launch the game.