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PS5 MW3 trophies, list of achievements and how to get them in Modern Warfare 3 on PC and consoles?

 Modern Warfare 3, like most console games, allows players to obtain trophies. We give you the complete list and how to get them.

PS5 MW3 trophies, list of achievements and how to get them in Modern Warfare 3 on PC and consoles?

Modern Warfare 3 is available from this Friday, November 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S  and within the Activision title, you will be able to accomplish many objectives that allow you to obtain trophies and achievements.

We will therefore give you below the list of trophies, but also the objective to complete to obtain it.

List of trophies in Modern Warfare 3

If you want to know what the trophy list is in Modern Warfare 3, well,  PSTHC has revealed the game's achievements.

Bronze trophies

  • This is just the beginning : In MWZ, manage to escape
  • Good investment : In MWZ, eliminate 500 enemies with a confident weapon
  • Addicted to perks : In MWZ, have 9 perks active at the same time
  • Hearse : In MWZ, eliminate 100 zombies with a vehicle in a single deployment
  • Back from the dead : In MWZ, recover your equipment thanks to Tombstone
  • Charitable soul : In MWZ, revive an operator from another squad
  • We can pet the dog! : In MWZ, pet a hellhound
  • Mercenary : In MWZ, complete 20 contracts
  • Tailor-made : Customize your equipment in each open combat mission
  • Sampling : Use 5 different weapons in open combat missions
  • I'm going up front! : Drive a vehicle equipped with a turret on the back and make it kill 5 enemies
  • Spotted ! : Mark 60 enemies or objects with the spotting scope in open combat missions
  • Bulletproof : Find all plate vest upgrades in open combat missions
  • Try restarting it : Use an electric charge to disable an enemy auto turret
  • This is a solution... : Destroy an enemy helicopter in mid-air with a mortar strike
  • Hey, catch! : Throw a flammable canister at an enemy and use it to make them explode
  • Regular traveler : Jump and travel more than 150 m with your parachute
  • On the Tightrope : Eliminate 10 enemies using a Zipline
  • Death Row : In Operation 627, eliminate 12 enemies while descending into the panopticon
  • High mobility : In Precious Cargo, parachute onto the roof of the harbor office building from a crane
  •  And one and two and three helicopters : In Reactor, destroy each helicopter with different weaponry
  • Two for the price of one : In Missiles, eliminate 2 enemies in one shot 5 times with the EBR-14 without sounding the alarm
  • Return to Combat : In Infiltration, steal the Major's access card in under 90 seconds without being seen
  • Blocked Shot : In Powder Magazine, shoot the weapon before a terrorist grabs it
  • She will only see fire : In Oligarch, destroy all the cars in the villa's garage
  • Elevator Out of Service : In Skyscraper, reach the roof in under 45 seconds
  • Snow Angel : In Snowy Tundra, eliminate the forest sniper with an execution
  • Hitchhiker : In Gora Dam, defuse the bomb in the vehicle while it is moving
  • Here's Where Your Taxes Go : In Near Danger, use a missile to eliminate a single enemy

Silver trophies

  • See Red : In MWZ, complete 5 contracts in the High Threat Zone in a single deployment
  • The end ? : In MWZ, complete Act III
  • At the Slaughterhouse : In MWZ, eliminate 50,000 enemies in total
  • Conqueror : In MWZ, eliminate a warlord
  • You can never be too equipped : Find and use all the weapons in open combat missions

Gold trophies

  • Step One : Reach Level 55
  • Alone against everyone : In MWZ, eliminate Orcus with a squad of 6 people
  • Clockwork Madness : Grab all weapons and combat upgrades from crates in open combat missions
  • Don't bury the enemy alive : Complete the campaign
  • Ready for 141 : Complete the campaign on Veteran mode

Platinum Trophy

  • Soldier's Destiny : Unlock all trophies