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Reverse boost MW3, a practice to avoid!

 In Modern Warfare 3, some players are tempted by glitches to gain advantages such as reverse boosting, but you should definitely not use them!.

Reverse boost MW3, a practice to avoid!

Modern Warfare 3 has just been released this Friday, November 10 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S.

In the latest Call of Duty games, Activision and the development studios have implemented the SBMM, a system based on the level of the players which is based on many elements to calculate it such as the KDA ratio, etc. To avoid this, some players try to use glitches as is the case with the Reverse Boost, but their use can earn you a permanent ban from your account as is specified in the usage charter that all players have. accepted.

Using Reverse Boost on Modern Warfare 3 can get you permanently banned

Since the release of Modern Warfare 3, many players have been tempted to use the practice called "Reverse Boost", but its use can earn you a lifetime ban from multiplayer modes under the terms that all players agreed to when creating an account. For those who don't remember Activision's terms of use ( source ), here's what it says about cheating:

If you receive an in-game message telling you that the profile you are logged in with has been suspended or banned for reverse boosting, a user of that profile has been caught exploiting the game for purposes of obtaining more advantageous connections for him. Reverse boosting includes, among other things, repeatedly joining a game and committing suicide. Repeated suicides will lead to expulsion from the game, and a series of expulsions related to repeated suicides will lead to a ban from online multiplayer. This behavior harms the gaming experience of other players and may result in the suspension or permanent ban of a profile in multiplayer mode.

As you can read, the penalties can be severe and in the worst case it can be a lifetime ban from multiplayer modes . Activision has also reminded in its conditions of use that any exploit found must be reported. We therefore strongly recommend that you do not use Reverse Boost otherwise you will be completely banned from playing with your friends in all Call of Duty multiplayer modes and games.