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Rising Legends Mega Remix 2024: Formats, Dates, everything about the Set 10 TFT tournaments!

 Competitions are back with TFT Rising Legends Mega Remix 2024! Discover the format, dates, and essential information of Set 10.

With the arrival of the Mega Remix set, Teamfight Tactics promises to renew the gaming experience with new mechanics, themes, and modes. Let's find out together what Rising Legends has in store for this exciting year. Find our Tier list of Set 10 compositions where we give you all our compositions.

Rising Legends tournaments for TFT Set 10, Mega Remix, are coming in 2024 with innovative formats and open qualifiers. This year introduces significant changes to the competition structure, providing new opportunities for players to distinguish themselves in the TFT arena.

Open Qualifiers

TFT players, from Diamond rank 2, will be able to register for the Open Qualifiers (OQ). These three-day tournaments will bring together 512 candidates, selected by a weighted lottery system. The top 32 will advance to the Golden Spatula Cups.

TFT Regional Competitions (TRC)

The TRCs will provide another route to the Golden Spatula Cups. 35 places are allocated through regional competitions, distributed between different European regions.

Golden Spatula Cups (GSC)

These prestigious competitions will bring together the best players from the OQs, TRCs, and rankings, to fight for a prize pool of €10,000 and GSC points. The winners and top 16 in GSC points will advance to the Rising Legends Finals.

Rising Legends Finals

The climax of the TFT competition in EMEA will be played out between 32 tacticians. These finals promise an intense battle for the title of Rising Legends Champion and a share of the €39,450 prize pool.

New Products of the Season

The Remix Rumble season will be shorter than previous ones, with two GSCs instead of three. Additionally, there will be changes to the rankings and points distribution.

The Importance of the Season

“We’re excited to embark on another incredible season of Rising Legends in EMEA,” said Max Wischow, Product Manager for TFT esports in EMEA. “Remix Rumble will be a fun set and we look forward to seeing the incredible plays and innovations players will bring to emerge victorious.”

Rising Legends Mega Remix 2024: Formats, Dates, everything about the Set 10 TFT tournaments!

The Rising Legends Remix Rumble season promises to be an unforgettable adventure for the TFT community. With significant format changes and intensified competition, tacticians from across EMEA will have the opportunity to shine and prove their skills in the dynamic world of TFT.