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Roots of Pacha: Unlock irrigation – this saves you watering

 Watering in Roots of Pacha takes a lot of time and stamina, but in order to unlock the irrigation pump, you have to do some preparatory work.

If you want to progress in Roots of Pacha, watering your fields every day can really slow you down. Firstly, it takes time, secondly, endurance. This can be quite annoying, especially if you want to work in a cave, for example. In order to unlock the efficient irrigation system, you first have to do some preparatory work.

This is how you unlock irrigation in Roots of Pacha

The irrigation system in Roots of Pacha consists of three different components that you can craft: pumps, ditches, and extensions. Instead of running to each plant with a bucket or water bag, you only have to pump once if you have laid everything out cleverly.

However, you can't get there as quickly and easily as sprinklers in Stardew Valley or Coral Island. Like all new inventions, there first needs to be an idea that needs to be researched. This comes from Garrek.

If you're already waiting impatiently for the inventor to come around the corner with an idea, but nothing happens, you need to move forward with the following things:

Continue exploring the cave until you come across tin and copper. For this resource you have to progress quite a bit, copper is available from the room to Stamp your feet, after the monkey totem, and tin from Pacha's pair of rocks. For the latter, you also have to go through the cloud garden.

To do this, you need to upgrade your scythe to copper using the resource you just found earlier. Only then can you move the large plants in this room aside. You will also need copper and tin to make the pump. However, you will get your first one directly from Garrek.

To craft additional irrigation elements, you will also need hardwood, yarn (which can be made from animal fur), stone, and plant fiber. If you already have everything but the idea still doesn't come up, the clan probably just needs more wealth.  lists 155,000 contributions.

This is how irrigation and farm layout work

First, install a pump in your rows of fields and then connect water ditches to it. As soon as you have pumped, water automatically flows through the ditches and supplies planted fields on the left and right with water.

This is how irrigation and farm layout work
This is what the irrigation system can look like, among other things.

So after two rows you can now lead the trench around at a right angle and lead it back up. Another option, however, is to use the irrigation extension to supply even more rows with water.

To do this, simply place the extension under the row that does not directly touch the trench (apart from the lowest plant). The water is then directed upwards. But be careful: you have to turn the extension the right way up. The arrow must go to the point where the trench runs into the element.