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Season 7 and Season 8 Chapter 4 event date on Fortnite OG, when does the event start?

 An event may take place on Fortnite to mark the start of Season 7 and Season 8 of Chapter 4! But when will it take place, and how can you participate?

Fortnite is a game divided into different seasons, which are themselves divided into chapters. Currently, season 6 of chapter 4 is in progress, but this will soon end, giving way to season 5 of chapter 4! To wrap up this season, we may have an end-of-season event.

If this event were held, it would be Wednesday, November 15, 2023, or Thursday, November 16, 2023, if we take into consideration the release date of seasons 7 and 8 OG. And you could have the opportunity to participate, from 10 p.m. GMT+1. Everyone can participate, as long as there is enough space! It is therefore advisable to enter the game mode of the event at least 30 minutes before its launch, to be sure of being able to attend.

When will the Chapter 4 Season 7 and 8 launch event take place on Fortnite OG?

Season 7 and 8 of the OG chapter will launch this Thursday, November 16, but before that, it is possible that Epic Games will organize an end event to conclude the current season. If this event takes place, it would be this Wednesday, November 15 around 10 p.m. GMT+1, since season 5 will be released the next day, Thursday, November 16, 2023. Generally, this was the case during the previous season, Epic Games organized its event the day before in the evening on Fortnite.

When will the Chapter 4 Season 7 and 8 launch event take place on Fortnite OG

However, we have no official confirmation as to whether this event will take place. We don't have a name and yet we should have known it with the dataminers who are leaking a lot of information ahead of the season's release.

However, clues seem to indicate that a possible event could take place, notably with a temporal fault which could transport players into the past so that they can rediscover the old Fortnite maps and in particular the historical map of chapter 1 with Loot Lake.

In any case, if the event takes place, it is from 10 p.m. GMT+1 this Thursday you could participate. To join, simply connect to the game mode within 30 minutes before the start of the event, alone or with friends. The earlier you log in, the more likely you are to secure a place at the event!