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Set 10 TFT: All the information on the new Teamfight Tactics set

TFT Set 10 is here, find in this article all the information on the new champions, traits, headliners or new items.

TFT Set 10 should take the game into a new era. This is the end of mid-sets, instead, the game will move to a format of 3 full sets per year. This Set 10 therefore has a lot of weight on its shoulders because it must be a success to take Teamfight Tactics to the future.

This new set will be released on the official server on November 21, 2023, and on the PBE from November 7. Here's what there is to know about this set, with links to our more in-depth articles on each topic.

TFT Set 10 compositions to try on the PBE

We have prepared a list of around twenty compositions that you can try on the PBE, and which should help you discover the set and its new champions and traits.

Who are the new TFT Set 10 champions?

Set 10 will include 62 very varied new champions. Among the legendary, you will have champions like DJ Sona who is a very good support unit, Maestro Jhin who summons violins on your bench to shoot at opponents with them, or Illaoi who will be the ultimate tank with his tentacles.

Who are the new TFT Set 10 champions

Find more information on the new champions below.

What are the new classes and origins in TFT Set 10?

Set 10 is based on a musical theme, so all the Riot Games groups are out. Pentakill, K/DA, True Damage, and Heartsteel are the origins of the new set, while other music styles like Country, EDM, 8-bit, or Jazz are also represented. Find all the information on the new classes and origins below.

Headliner, the new mechanic of Set 10

If you played Sets 4 and 4.5, this Set 10 should bring back memories. Indeed, the new  Headliner mechanic is very similar to the Chosen of the time. These are champions that you already buy at 2 stars, that have a trait that counts as double in your composition, and that have a different bonus effect for each champion.

Headliner, the new mechanic of Set 10

Find all the information on this mechanic below.

What system changes will TFT Set 10 have?

In the official press release on the lessons learned from Set 9 and Set 9.5, Riot Games has already revealed important changes that should arrive with Set 10:

  • The Legends will not be present in Set 10.
  • Region Portals will remain at Set 10.
  • There will be no Soul, Crown, or Heart augments that give +1 to a Trait or Emblem. This also concerns other augments that could give augments. This change should be partially offset by a new Set mechanic.
  • Level 10 will be accessible to all players.
  • Changes are planned to the number of champions in the common pool, the chances of obtaining them, and the XP cost of the levels.
We will update this article promptly with a  list of comps to try on the PBE  over the next two weeks.