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Shangri-La Frontier episode 7 release date and where to watch the anime?

 Are you impatiently waiting for the release of episode 7 of Shangri-La Frontier on Crunchyroll? Find out its release date Here!

Shangri-La Frontier episode 7 release date and where to watch the anime?

Sunraku is passionate about video games, but he has a rather particular taste. His passion lies in exploring the most mediocre titles, those with shaky storylines and infested with bugs of all kinds. He takes an almost sadistic pleasure in thwarting all the traps set by these games.

However, when he decides to take up the challenge of the MMORPG Shangri-La Frontier, a juggernaut with thirty million registered members and considered the best of all time, he is far from suspecting that he will have to implement all his skills to overcome a challenge that is much more difficult than expected. Check out the Shangri-La Frontier Episode 7 release date below!

Shangri-La Frontier episode 7 release date when is the episode released on Crunchyroll?

Episode 6 of Shangri-La Frontier releases Monday, November 13, 2023, on Crunchyroll! In total, the first season is made up of 25 episodes, the first of which was released on October 1, 2023. It is an adaptation of the manga written by Kata Rina and drawn by Fuji Ryosuke. It has been published since July 16, 2020, in Weekly Shonen Magazine. Currently, there are just over 100 chapters. 

The anime is produced by the C3C studio known for its work on Reincarnated as a Sword and Wandering Witch. 

Where to watch Shangri-La Frontier? 

Shangri-La Frontier is legally available on Crunchyroll. Here is the synopsis of the anime:

In the near future, displaying games on screens has become obsolete. Immersive virtual reality technology reigns supreme in this market, but among the plethora of games available, many of them often prove disappointing and uninteresting. Some individuals have undertaken to take up this challenge, like Rakuro Hizutome, also known as Sunraku, who enjoys playing the worst games among them.

However, this time, he has decided to embark on the adventure of Shangri-La Frontier, a game aimed at the general public with some thirty million registered members! With friends online, a vast universe to explore, and encounters with rivals, Rakuro is little aware that his life, indeed his destiny and that of many others, are about to undergo a major upheaval as let him immerse himself in this adventure...