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Soak WoW: What does that mean? Definition and explanation

 In WoW, there are a whole bunch of words and vocabulary that only exist in the game. We'll explain the definition of the word "Soak"!

In World of Warcraft, players frequently use specific terms to communicate with each other. One of these terms is “Soak”. If you're a new player or have recently delved into the WoW universe, you may be wondering what exactly this term means.

What does Soak mean in World of Warcraft? 

"Soak" is a term used mainly during raids or boss fights in WoW. In French, "Soak" translates to "to absorb". In the context of gaming, this refers to the need for certain players in the group to take care of specific mechanics, usually damage or effects, in order to protect the rest of the group.

In many boss encounters, you will encounter skills or attacks that target a specific area. Players assigned to "Soak" will need to position themselves in these areas to absorb damage or effects, allowing the rest of the group to stay safe. 

What does Soak mean in World of Warcraft
In this image, there should be at least one player in the four zones present. If no player is present in one of the zones, the entire group takes damage.

Soaking is often crucial to the success of a raid. Ignoring this mechanic can result in massive damage to the party, or even lead to total failure. Players assigned to the "Soak" must be aware of their role and react quickly to the raid leader's instructions so as not to cause the entire group to suffer the consequences.