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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to find the secret in the throat?

 If you're stuck on the "Find the Secret of the Throat" rumor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, here's how to access this special area of ​​the planet Koboh.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a lot of secondary missions and optional areas to explore, and without a doubt, one of these areas that will probably raise the most doubts among players is the one related to the secret in the gorge of the abandoned Dam located on the planet Koboh.

If you don't know how to complete this mission or what exactly you must do to be able to explore this part of the planet, don't worry, in this entry of our guide we explain what steps you must take to discover the aforementioned secret.

How to find the secret in the throat?

At a certain point in your game of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you can unlock a rumor in Koboh titled "Find the Secret of the Gorge", which will mark a mission icon on your map in the Abandoned Dam area, right where the enormous Trontocasco (the animal that looks similar to a dinosaur) is located.

The details of this rumor are somewhat ambiguous if you read them, as it only explains that if you get along with the local fauna of the area you can visit a special area that has impressive views.

Most likely, you don't know what to do when visiting the right place, although the solution is actually very simple. You just have to do this to discover the secret in the throat:

  • Stand just below the Trontohelm in the Abandoned Dam.
  • Look up to aim for the animal's head.
  • Now press the button to interact with the Force (on PS it is R1 and on Xbox RB).
How to find the secret in the throat

By doing this, you will cause the Trontohelm to tilt its enormous neck downwards, thus getting closer to your position on the ground and leaving one of its long fangs that is covered in vines within your reach. Now you just have to jump to these vines to grab them.

Hold on for a moment and the Trontohelm will move towards a nearby ledge that you can jump onto to access a secret area of ​​the Abandoned Dam called the Winding Gorge.

Now all you need to do is explore the Quebrada sinuos area to complete the rumor of the secret in the throat. In reality, what remains has no great mystery and does not require explanations on our part. By simply advancing through the area you will end up reaching a special chest and upon obtaining its reward the mission will end (in any case, if you have doubts you can visit our Koboh chests entry for more details).