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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Get to the Highest Point in Harvest Range

 We explain all the steps to follow to easily reach the highest point of the Harvest Mountains area on the planet Koboh from Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

One of the trophies/achievements that will surely give you the most headaches in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is the one titled "King of the World", which consists of reaching the highest point in the Harvest Mountains area, in the planet Koboh.

Precisely, reaching this high point in the area is not a piece of cake, and requires following a whole series of specific steps that may not be very obvious to the players. If you are stuck and don't know what else to do to unlock this trophy/achievement, don't worry, we explain it below in this entry of our guide to clear your doubts.

How to get to the highest point of the Harvest Mountain Range?

In order to reach the highest point of Harvest Mountain Range in Koboh, you must first meet these requirements in your game:

  • You must progress far enough through the main story to unlock the mounts.
  • It is also recommended to progress through the story until you unlock the mid-air boost ability.

Really the only essential condition is to unlock the mounts because to reach the highest point you need to use a Nekko, but with the jump with momentum it will be much easier and you will save yourself from doing more turns than necessary.

Steps to reach the highest point

Let's now explain all the steps to follow to reach the highest point of the Cordillera de la Cosecha. Obviously, the first thing you have to do is travel to this area of ​​Koboh and find a way to get to where the barn-type building that you can see in this image is:

Steps to reach the highest point

In order to get to that building you must first go to the lower part of the building near the river, where you will find a closed door like the one that we indicated:

Here you will see to the left of the door a cable that you can pick up to anchor to a pedestal so that the door remains open. First interact with the small animal on the anchor to get it to move away, and then place the cable there.

This will allow you to descend into an area called Moldy Depths, from which you can end up exiting into the Harvest Ridge part of the barn building. Getting out of the musty depths is a bit tricky, so we've dedicated another entry in the guide to explain how to do it (check it out if you don't know how).

Once you reach the barn building, kill the enemies there and then ride one of the Nekkos on the side. Now things are quite easy, you just have to follow these steps :

Steps to reach the highest point

  • Stand under the barn door with the Nekko to be able to make a big jump to the wall above.
  • From this wall jump to the container hanging in the air and from this to the ground above.
  • Now turn around and run again through the same container in the opposite direction to reach a bar.
Steps to reach the highest point

  • From the bar, you can jump and grab a kind of silo to climb to the roof of the barn.
  • Once on the roof of the barn, position yourself in the same position as in the following image:
Steps to reach the highest point

  • From here, if you take a running start and use the pipe protruding from the roof you can perform a double jump with momentum to reach the upper ledge indicated in the image.
Once you manage to reach this ledge, there is nothing left. You just have to climb the vines above and ascend towards the area's meditation point, which is precisely the highest point of the Harvest Mountain Range, thus obtaining the "King of the World" trophy/achievement.

Steps to reach the highest point

Keep in mind that the boost jumps off the barn roof is technically a trick that saves you a few steps beforehand. Actually what you should do is enter the barn to place a Nekko on top of a crane and from there lift the animal to the upper ground, but it is a bit of a hassle to explain and do it, so it is much easier to jump with momentum from the roof. This jump is quite tight, but with a couple of attempts, pushing it as hard as possible, you will surely be able to do it without problems.