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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Open the Locked Pyloon Inn Door

 In order to enter the locked room of the Pyloon Inn in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor you will have to figure out how to open its locked door. We tell you what you should do.

In your adventures through Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, it is quite likely that, when exploring Pyloon's Inn in Koboh, you will end up realizing that there is a closed and inaccessible room in the cantina. The door that leads to this room is initially blocked and can only be opened in one way, but the method for doing so is quite peculiar, which is why in this entry of our guide we tell you so that you know how to access it and discover what is there. inside.

How do you open the closed door of the Pyloon Inn?

To open the locked door of the Pyloon Inn you won't have to find a key or anything like that, but you will actually have to talk to Moran's character, one of the cantina's regular customers.

How do you open the closed door of the Pyloon Inn

Moran is the blue-skinned guy who sits at the bar near the closed door at the back of the cantina. This character is available to chat with from the beginning and is the "key" to entering the closed room of the inn.

  • In total, you will have to talk to Moran up to 7 different times so that he is finally the one who gives you access to the locked room.
  • You will have to progress through his story to open the door.
  • Keep in mind that you cannot talk to him repeatedly seven times in one sitting.
  • That is, for Moran to have something new to tell you, you will have to leave the inn, rest at a meditation point, and return to the cantina area.
  • Every time you return Moran will continue telling you details of his story.

Finally, at some point, when you talk to Moran for the seventh time, he will apologize for how he behaved with you. He will reveal to you that Monk was kind enough to let him store his personal belongings in a back room of the cantina, and then he will tell you that you can take a look if you want. From that moment on the locked door will no longer be locked and when you approach it it will open automatically.

What's behind the closed door?

Behind the closed door of the Inn is a small room with Moran's belongings. Specifically, here you can obtain two collectibles from the area, which are the following:

  • Koboh Chest #36: which contains the Theme Music - Eerin Siinaa.
  • Koboh Databank #46: Moran's Possessions.
That's all! As you can see, there are no big secrets behind this door, but if you were curious about how to open it or are trying to complete 100% of the game, now you know how.