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Starfield Better performance | Performance Optimizations Mod

Starfield Better performance | Performance Optimizations Mod

 Starfield / Mods and skins / Optimization

Author: TheManualEnhancer

Size: 1020 bytes

Replaced low.ini configuration file, which improves performance and visual clarity/sharpness.

  • reduction in shadow resolution (for some shadows by a fairly significant amount);
  • reduces the size of the reflection array (this doesn't have as much impact on visuals as reducing their resolution, but improves performance about the same as cutting the resolution in half);
  • increases the grass clearing factor (makes the grass disappear more often so the game doesn't draw it) and slightly reduces the radius of the grass;
  • disables motion blur;
  • reduces Ambient Occlusion;
  • Reduces crowds a bit;
  • retains standard 50% FSR scaling;
  • disables the HalfResIndirectLighting option to sharpen the image.

How to start:

  • unpack to this path /Steam/steamapps/common/Starfield.