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Starfield: Defend the Eye or the Lodge? Consequences and options

 Here's what you should know about the decision to defend the Eye or the Lodge in Starfield during A High Price. Be careful, because it is a decision that you cannot take lightly and someone will die no matter what you do.

Starfield: Defend the Eye or the Lodge? Consequences and options

Although the decisions you make in Starfield cannot alter the ending too much, there are some very important decisions, and one of them is the one made during the main mission A High Price. This decision implies the guaranteed death of a companion, no matter what you do. Here we will explain how this system works.

Defend the Eye or the Lodge? Who lives and dies by the decision?

As soon as the mission begins, you will receive a transmission and you will have to make a decision: stay and defend the Artifacts or go to the Eye to rescue your companions.

The problem is that the game cheats: whatever you do, regardless of how you do it, one of your companions will die and you can't help it. The thing is that the character who dies is not random. Now, you should know that the game chooses the two with whom you have the best relationship, forcing you to leave one of them behind:

  • In the Eye will be the partner with whom you have the best relationship.
  • In the Lodge, there will be a companion with whom you have the second-best relationship.

Constellation members will let you know who stays on each side so that you are clear about who is in each place. By choosing, what you will cause will be the death of the companion in the place you do not go to. That is, if you go to the Eye, whoever is in the Lodge will die, and vice versa. The other companions that have not been mentioned are not in any danger and will survive without problems.

This decision is irreversible, the companion who dies will be dead and undead for the rest of your game, at least until you go to NG+.

Is the location you don't protect destroyed?

No, nothing like that happens. You will be able to return to the Lodge and the Eye regardless of which of the two locations you decide to protect.