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Starfield: How to equip weapons and armor to your companions?

 This is what you need to do to modify the equipment your teammates use in Starfield so that they have better armor or weapons that are ideal for the enemies you face.

Throughout your adventure in the Starfield universe, you will meet several companions who will join you to unravel the mystery of the Artifacts. But since it is possible that their standard weapons and armor will soon fall short and the enemies will become very difficult for them, you should know that you can change all their equipment whenever you want (except in the case of Vasco, who does not accept weapons and logically, even less the clothes).

How to give items to companions and make them use weapons

First of all, you have to know how to give items to your companions. All you have to do is talk to a partner and select the negotiate option.

Once there, you can give your partner all the objects you want, always keeping in mind that they do not accept stolen objects or contraband and that they have a maximum load limit that they cannot exceed.

Now, as for how to equip weapons and armor, things are a little more complex. To make him equip a weapon, you must first give him the weapon. Then, access the companion's inventory from the trade menu itself (by pressing LB or RB). When you're there, go to Weapons, hover over the weapon you gave him that you want him to use, and press Equip.

How to give items to companions and make them use weapons

The next thing is to give it ammunition. Check the type of ammunition the weapon needs (in the case of the example, 11mm) and give it ONE bullet. To give a single bullet, go to your inventory, go to ammo, select the ammo type, and press LB (on the XBOX controller) to decrease the quantity until 1 remains.

The character only needs 1 bullet to use the weapon you have equipped him with unlimited use.

To make the companion equip another backpack, suit, helmet, and even outfit, you simply have to do the same: you have to give him the piece you want him to wear, open his inventory, go to helmets, backpacks, spacesuits or outfits and press the Equip button on the chosen piece.

How to use pack mule companions?

This mechanic is a classic from The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. It consists of having your partner carry all your equipment since he or she will not get tired and you can continue going without overload. It is enough to give him everything you have left, but you must keep in mind that, as a general rule, your companions have a very low load limit. You might want to consider leaving things in the ship or the Lodge safe.