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Starfield: How to get the best house in the game totally free?

 This is what you have to do to be able to get, completely free, the best house in all of Starfield. Of course, it may take you a while.

It is true that Starfield has a lot of universes to explore. The main plot is not short, and you have lots of secondary ones of other types to complete. But in the end, he always wants to return to your house, something that you will only have from the beginning if you have chosen certain perks. That house can only be obtained with an initial choice, but the best house in the game can be obtained completely free by anyone

How to get the apartment in the Mercurio Tower

Although it is possible to buy homes in Neón and Akila, these homes are nothing more than closets at very expensive prices. Even the 235,000-credit penthouse pales in comparison to the Mercury Tower Penthouse (Jamison, New Atlantis Residential District, Alpha Centauri).

How to get the apartment in the Mercurio Tower

The Attic of the Mercurio Tower is a spacious apartment, with good views (better than those of the Neón apartment, of course. What a dive) and what is most important and has probably brought you here: it is available completely free of charge... What needs to be done to achieve it? Well, it's actually quite simple. All you have to do is advance the plot a little. When you do, you will meet the CU Vanguard faction. The usual space marines, come on.

How to get the apartment in the Mercurio Tower

At this point, all you have to do is complete his entire quest chain. These are linear quests and your decisions will not change the ending of the quest line. Simply go through them and, when you finish, the reward of the final mission will be nothing more and nothing less than your own apartment.

To find it, go to the New Atlantis Residential District (Jamison, Alpha Centauri) and look for the tallest tower. At the entrance, you have a neon sign that says Mercury Tower. Now that the penthouse is yours, you can use the elevator and access your new home.