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Starfield: This trick allows you to have money in very large quantities and it's really child's play!

 Do you want to fill your pockets with credits without making the slightest effort? A “glitched” plot of Akila soil will fill your excavations in no time at all on Starfield.

Starfield: This trick allows you to have money in very large quantities and it's really child's play!

Where is the money glitch happening?

A Bethesda game that does not have a bug or glitch is not a Bethesda game worthy of the name and this one which was recently discovered on Starfield turns out to be very funny. The town of Akila, gloomy at first glance, is in reality home to the goose that lays the golden eggs, or rather the pool of golden eggs. Indeed, the entire inventory of Emerson Shepherd's store happens to be freely accessible from a puddle of mud. The puddle in question is located right in front of the shop, it's the smallest so you shouldn't miss it.

To access the famous loot, all you have to do is switch to the third person and then crouch while placing your cursor on the puddle. The interaction will then be possible with loot worthy of a king: weapons, ammunition, healing, resources, suits, and much more.

This glitch can be repeated endlessly to the extent that you will only need to wait between 24 and 48 hours for Emerson Shepherd, the manager of the store in question, to restock his stock. However, some merchants may take a little longer to restock their stores, so wait a maximum of 72 hours to repeat the experience.

The most interesting fact about this glitch is that the resale of “stolen” items is completely secure. Indeed, the game does not consider this act to be theft, and you will thus be able to resell with complete impunity all the objects stolen from the mud puddle.

If the merchants around you no longer have credits, wait 24 hours so that their crates can be refilled.

Are there any other glitches in Starfield?

Yes, there are other glitches of this type, but the most interesting turns out to be that of the Mark I set. This set, considered to be one of the best in Starfield, can be obtained at the start of the game whereas you would have to wait until the end of the game, or even NG+, to recover it.