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Stranger Things Fortnite OG skin: when are the Eleven and Steve outfits released?

 Fortnite OG welcomes Stranger Things collaboration! According to leaks, skins of Eleven and Steve Harrington will be released soon!

Dear Fortnite fans and Stranger Things fans, get ready for some incredible news! The OG season of Fortnite is about to welcome a highly anticipated crossover with the popular Netflix series, Stranger Things. Thanks to the information revealed by data miners, we got a fascinating preview of what awaits you in update 27.00.

From iconic skins to iconic accessories, prepare to dive into a universe where the worlds of Fortnite and Stranger Things collide. Let me guide you through the tantalizing details of this collaboration, which promises to add a touch of mystery and adventure to your games.

Fortnite x Stranger Things: Eleven And Steve Harrington are coming!

The collaboration between Fortnite OG and Stranger Things brings iconic skins and accessories, starring Eleven and Steve Harrington. Recent leaks have confirmed this union, but the release date still remains a mystery. Fans are expecting an unforgettable event in the Fortnite universe.

According to leaker iFireMonkey, Fortnite's next 27.00 update would include cosmetic items related to Stranger Things characters. You could soon equip yourself with the Outfit of Eleven, the young telekineticist who escaped from the Hawkins National Laboratory, or even brandish Steve Harrington's bat, the monster hunter's original weapon. Not forgetting Eddie's spear, a weapon wielded by a true hero.

Fortnite x Stranger Things: Eleven And Steve Harrington are coming!

This exciting news follows an accidental release of Fortnite OG on some Android devices, allowing data miners to access game files. Leaked item names and descriptions confirm Eleven's arrival in Fortnite, along with iconic accessories such as Steve's bat and Eddie's spear.

Return of original cosmetics

It is expected that the original Fortnite x Stranger Things cosmetics will make a return following the release of the new set, although this is not yet confirmed. The release date remains shrouded in mystery, but stay tuned for more information.

Steve Harrington, the handsome guy in the game

In addition to the arrival of Eleven, other leaks indicate that Steve Harrington, the attractive hero and best big brother of Stranger Things, would also be entitled to his own skin in Fortnite OG. An addition that promises to delight fans of the series. 

The merger of the universes of Fortnite OG and Stranger Things promises to be a memorable event for players. With the arrival of Eleven and Steve Harrington skins, as well as iconic accessories, get ready to experience an enriched gaming experience full of surprises.