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Sukuna Territory Expansion Explained: Understanding Everything About the Demonic Altar in Jujutsu Kaisen

 The Demon Altar of Sukuna, also called "Fukuma Mizushi" is a very special territory. We'll explain it to you in this article.

The Demonic Altar is a powerful technique in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, and Sukuna, the King of Banes, has developed a fearsome territory expansion known as the "Demonic Altar", "the Demonic Altar" or Fukuma Mizushi in Japanese.

In this article, we explore this terrifying ability in detail, understanding its operation, its use, and the implications of its deployment in Jujutsu Kaisen. Find out everything you need to know about the Sukuna territory expansion: Demonic Altar.

Sukuna: Territory Expansion Explained, How Does the Demonic Altar Work in Jujutsu Kaisen?

As its name suggests, the Demonic Altar constructs an environment centered around a small, distorted Buddhist altar, which, instead of housing deities, is dedicated to demons. This altar is surrounded by dark-colored water and horned bull skulls. The roof is decorated with horns, with human skulls hanging from it. The four entrances to the sanctuary are formed by large grotesque mouths, equipped with humanoid teeth and tongues.

Demonic Altar's main ability lies in its ability to deal with guaranteed hits. Sukuna can choose between two types of slashing attacks, Laceration and Dissection, which only cease when the domain is deactivated or when Sukuna is seriously injured and can no longer maintain it.

This is what the extension of Sukuna territory looks like.
This is what the extension of Sukuna territory looks like.

Sukuna demonstrated the power of the Demonic Altar by easily cutting down a finger wielder, a special-grade scourge. During his clash with Mahoraga in Shibuya, Sukuna used the Demonic Altar to unleash a series of slashing attacks in a radius of one hundred and forty meters. He adjusted attacks using Lacerate for targets with cursed energy and Dissect for inanimate objects.

What makes the Demonic Altar unique is Sukuna's ability to expand his domain without closing the barrier, creating a binding oath that increases the range of the guaranteed attack to a maximum radius of nearly two hundred meters. Unlike other territory expansions, the Demonic Altar cannot be destroyed by normal means. The only effective way to destroy it is to hurt Sukuna to the point where he can no longer maintain the domain.

As a reminder, binding oaths are promises that can improve a character's ability or power. Some characters in JJK like Nanami have an oath that, when revealing how their skills work, increases the damage they deal. Sukuna probably has, with Gojo , one of the best territories.