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Super Mario RPG: secrets and easter eggs you may have missed


Super Mario RPG: secrets and easter eggs you may have missed

We tell you where to unlock all these Easter eggs, and also how to access these secrets, which are available throughout the Super Mario RPG adventure.

The re-release of Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch has been welcome news, especially since the original title never reached our territory.

Now we have the original game, but improved on Nintendo Switch, in an atypical adventure compared to what our favorite plumber has accustomed us to.

Obviously, Super Mario RPG has a series of secrets and Easter eggs, some hints that you will be able to find throughout the adventure.

On this occasion, we want to highlight some of the best secrets, winks, and Easter eggs that we have found in Super Mario RPG.

Super Mario RPG: secrets and easter eggs you may have missed

Getting Bowser's first weapon

In the Costarugo tower, go to the room with the portraits, and solve that little puzzle about the order that is dictated to you at the beginning. With this you will get the ancient key and with it you can open the nearby door to get Bowser's first weapon.

Changing the direction of the pause screen background

When you're in the pause screen, you need to hold down the top triggers and press some of the directions on the D-pad. The background will move in the direction you have chosen.

Beetle Minigame

Once you pass the wedding level, go to the Mushroom Kingdom inn, and you will see that there is a purple toad in the corner, as soon as you talk to him he will offer you the minigame for 500 coins.

dark Knight

First you need to get the fireworks in Villa Mole and as soon as you have them, you must exchange them to the girl in this same area for the shiny stone.

Then you have to take the shining stone to Monstroburg and you will see that it opens a sealed door. Inside is the dark knight.

infinite coins

At the end of the Rose Garden area there is a section with a lot of coins in treasure chests and they don't run out, and as soon as you have opened them all, simply leave the area and come back and they will be there again.

Infinite frog coins

In the area at the end of the world, in the desert there are whirlpools. You must jump on them three times to get a frog coin. You can repeat this for as long as you think necessary to get many more.


There is a character in Villa Mole who sells them for 500 coins and when you use them they give you new designs and you will be able to see even more of them at the end of the game. We advise you to buy five or more to get a surprise in the final credits.

Phantom Medal

In Monstroburg you must sleep in the inn that is the home of the three fears. They will give you clues to find some items. The first is under Mario's bed, the second is in the Rose Garden behind the wooden flower near the beginning, and the third is between the letter O and the letter A (GOAL) on Yoshi's Island.

Once you have obtained all the items, sleep at this inn again, and all three characters will be impressed and give you the ghost medal.

invisible helpers

We can find three throughout the adventure.

  • The first one is in the mushroom kingdom, near the main castle where the chancellor resides, and you will see that there is a house on the left, and behind it is the first assistant.
  • The second is in the Rose Garden behind the house that is up the stairs in the upper left corner.
  • The third one is not really a helper and is located in Rosedal, first you must talk to people until you find someone who complains about their husband, behind that house you will find this kind of helper.

lamb decoy

To do this, you must have previously obtained the Btub ring and the mysterious egg.

You must equip the ring and then use the mystery egg 10 times in battle. It will then become the lamb decoy, and once you use it 48 times in battle you will receive the lamb attack.

Link cameo

After playing with Gaz in Rose Garden, you can stay overnight at the inn for free, and after spending the night you will see that Link is sleeping there too.

Bridal suite

If you stay in the hotel suite several times you will get some items for the night, if you stay three times you will be given a box of flowers and every five times you will be given a frog coin.

retro mario

In the Costarugo tower there is an area with two curtains, if you go behind one of the curtains, Mario will return to his 8-bit design, but when you leave the room he will return to his normal form.

Red nightmares and essence

In Nimbus Land, Mario will be given a special pillow to help him sleep better.

Mario will have many different dreams but if you have Toad's it will turn into a nightmare.

When you wake up, Toad will give you some rewards like red essences.

Treasure galore

In the wooded maze, go to the part where the path divides into four directions, and you must go left, left, straight, and right to reach a bunch of treasure chests.


In Star Hill, there are a lot of stars with smiley faces, and everyone with a smiley face has a wish and you can read them.

As you can see, they are a series of nods to other Nintendo licenses, and also to things from the Super Mario universe that you are going to love to see is also Super Mario RPG.