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T1 vs Weiboo Gaming (WBG) date and time of the LoL Worlds final

 China vs Korea in Busan for the 2023 Worlds, this is the match that awaits you! T1 will face Weibo Gaming, here is the date and time of the match.

T1 vs WBG was the most anticipated final of the decade. We found the Goat who destroyed the Ruler, Korea who remains in the competition, and China who is starting to tremble for their prize. We are soon arriving at the conclusion of these 2023 WorldsLeague of Legends. Maybe a fourth star for T1? A first for WBG? Find out soon.

T1 vs Weibo Gaming is a Bo5 fight that you should not miss. We'll tell you everything about this match, including the date and time of the clash between T1 and Weibo Gaming (WBG)!

What time and date will the final between T1 and Weibo Gaming take place in the 2023 League of Legends Worlds? 

The match, the final between T1 and WBG takes place on Sunday, November 19, 2023, at 9 a.m. in BO5. That is to say, the first to reach 3 wins wins. The match will be broadcast on all Riot Games networks in English.

This exceptional match will see the following T1 players face off:

  • Zeus (Top)
  • Oner (Jungle)
  • Faker (Mid)
  • Gumayusi (ADC)
  • Keria (Support)
  • Sky (substitute)

Against WBG: 

  • TheShy (Top)
  • Weiwei (Jungle)
  • Xiaohu (Mid)
  • Light (ADC)
  • Crisp (Support)
  • Karsa (substitute)
What is interesting to note is that where T1 is an exclusively Korean team, WBG is not exclusively a Chinese team, since the team recruited TheShy a Korean player, and Karsa, the replacement, a Taiwanese. match is highly anticipated, because it could offer the first star to Weibo Gaming or, on the contrary, establish T1's domination on the world stage by winning a fourth world champion title.