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 At the end of Act 3 in Baldur's Gate 3, the big finale awaits you, in which you face the big final boss. Of course, you don't have to do this alone: ​​you can recruit a variety of companions and allies during your journey. We introduce you to the top three of your possible companions.

No matter what you decide throughout the story of Baldur's Gate 3, the big battle against the Absolute , the brain of the Elder, always awaits you at the end. You can read about which decisions are relevant in Act 1 here .

Of course you don't face the absolute alone - unless you want it that way. However, most will lead at least a four-man troop of adventurers into the field. You can also unlock a whole host of other allies as the story progresses. Here we present which of them will help you the most.

On to the final battle: The best 3 supporters for the grand finale in Baldur's Gate 3

Zevlor and the Hell Riders

Zevlor is the leader of the Tieflings, who you first meet in the Emerald Grove in Act 1. He was formerly the leader of the so-called Hell Riders, also known as the Riders of Elturel. The elite force defended its hometown as a special operations team.

Due to the fall of Elturelsb to Avernus and the escape to the Druid Grove, the group largely disbanded. Until then, however, they were a powerful group of fighters unparalleled.

How do you get the hell riders? The group has actually been disbanded since the fall of Elturel. If you support Zevlor and as many of the Tiefling refugees as possible from Act 1 to Act 3, complete their quests and save them again and again, Zevlor will be at your side with new hell riders at the end.

However, you have to ensure the survival of the refugees. 

What is particularly important for you here is Act 2: Zevlor supposedly left his Tieflings to their fate. You will eventually find him in the hiding place of the elder's brain in a transformation pod. Get him out of there so he can support you in Act 3.

Zevlor will be eternally grateful to you for the rescue.

Lady Aylin

Dame Aylin is the child of the moon goddess Selûne and therefore an Aasimar. When you first meet her as a so-called Nightsong in Act 2, she simply looks like a stately human woman. But as soon as you free her, she literally spreads her angel wings.

The Aasimar is a level 8 paladin that can pack quite a punch. She may not be the most skilled fighter, but her immortality makes her very difficult to take down: she will always return to the battlefield in the final battle.

How do you get Dame Aylin: Aylin is an important part of the main story as well as the personal quest of the Companion Shadowheart. If you take on Balthazar, the villain Ketheric Thorm's personal wizard, you can keep her alive. You just have to clarify this with Shadowheart, who is supposed to kill Aylin on behalf of her goddess Shar.

If you free Nightsong, she will be at your side for the first time in the fight against Thorm. After the successful fight, you can speak to them and ask them to join your camp for the time being.

In order to finally get Aylin as a supporter, you have to join her in the fight against the magician Lorroakan in Act 3. Like Ketheric Thorm, he wants to use Aylin's eternal life for himself in order to become godlike. Send him home well and Aylin will gratefully promise you her support.

Bonus: You also meet Isobel in the Last Light Inn. The Selûne Cleric maintains the protective cloak around the camp. As the daughter of Ketheric Thorm, she is important to the plot of Act 2. Before her father's fall and her untimely death, she was also Aylin's lover.

If you get Aylin and Isobel through Act 2 well, the two will rekindle their romance. After a victory against Lorroakan, Isobel will also go into the final battle side by side with you.

Aylin and Isobel – united after 100 years apart. The two are a quick-witted couple.

The strange ox

You will meet this wondrous creature in Act 1 in the Druid Grove. You can have a conversation with him using the Speak with Animals spell. If you pass an intelligence check, your character realizes that the ox is strange.

If you don't annoy him too much about his identity and successfully complete his quest in Act 3, he will be available to you as a 300-hit point heavy with four alternative transformation forms:

The strange ox is highly educated for an agricultural animal and has a few surprises in store.

The ox can transform into a minotaur, a shadow mastiff, a direwolf or a phase spider. In doing so, he takes on the respective abilities of the being he has transformed into. This in combination with his high health points makes him probably the most powerful optional support in battle.

How do you get the strange ox? Regardless of whether you protect or attack the Emerald Grove, the ox will appear in Act 2 either way. Don't ask too much about his true identity or his past. If you do this, he will become angry and attack, which usually ends in his or your death.

In Act 3 you meet him in Rivington. After passing an intelligence check, he is even happy about your presence. If you continue to avoid all sensitive topics, he will ask for your help. You should carry him to the lower city disguised as an apple.

Make sure you actually have the apple with you and don't eat it for a long rest. If you enter the Undercity with it in your inventory, the apple will disappear and leave a slightly slimy thank you note.

Were you able to unlock all of your desired allies? Did you accidentally eat the ox? Or did he gallop into the final battle together with your other friends? Let us know in the comments.