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The 5 best MMORPGs on PS4, PS5 and Xbox that you can play in 2023



MMORPGs were initially primarily PC games, but have long since arrived on consoles. Many titles can also be played on the PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. In this list we will tell you which are the best MMORPGs for consoles.

What is this list based on? In this list we introduce you to 5 MMORPGs that you can play on the consoles from Sony and Microsoft. The games were selected by MMORPG expert Alexander Leitsch, who played every game himself. The order corresponds to a ranking, with the best game on the last page.

At the end of the list you will also find other titles that we did not include in the top 5, but that you could still theoretically play on the consoles.

DC Universe Online

Setting : Superheroes | Developer : Daybreak Games | Platform : PC, PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch | Release date : January 11, 2011 | Model : Free2Play


  • Action-packed combat system
  • An interesting story
  • A cool character editor
  • Lots of content that has been added to the game since release
  • A unique setting with the superheroes


  • Outdated graphics
  • Low level of difficulty
  • Some superpowers are only available in the shop

What kind of game is this? In DC Universe Online you take on the role of a superhero or supervillain. You can then go into battle alongside well-known characters like Batman, Superman, Joker or Harley Quinn and complete tons of quests and missions.

  • The game relies on a story about superheroes and well-known locations such as Gotham City
  • There are action-packed battles with powerful abilities
  • The max level of 30 is reached quite quickly, but after that there is still a lot to do to improve your equipment and become stronger
  • In the endgame there are dungeons, raids, missions for solo players or small groups
  • For PvP fans, there is optional open world PvP where heroes can fight villains, or arena PvP. There is also a special mode in which you can take on the role of iconic heroes and use their abilities
  • There are regular updates in the form of new story content and adjustments to existing content

In July 2021, DC Universe was also revised so that Free2Play players can experience more . For example, the new chapters and daily login rewards have been removed from the optional subscription and made available to all players. In addition, the maximum money and the housing system were expanded. This makes the superhero MMORPG even more interesting, especially for newcomers.

There is criticism for the outdated graphics, the rather low level of difficulty at the start and in the open game world, as well as the shop, where you can buy special superpowers that you can't get otherwise.

At the end of 2020, the developer of DC Universe Online surprisingly announced the player numbers . At that time, around 420,000 different players were online per month and there were 40,000 subscribers.

How well does DC Universe play on console? DC Universe makes a good impression on the consoles. The controls are intuitive and are also a lot of fun with the controller. Graphically, the version from the PS4 and Xbox One is in no way inferior to the PC, which was different with the previous generation of the PS3.

However, the crossplay distribution is a bit strange:

  • Players on PC and PlayStation use the same servers and can play together.
  • The Xbox version was only released in 2016 and is currently still running on its own servers.
  • The version of the Nintendo Switch, which was only released in 2019 , also runs on completely separate servers.

What has happened recently? In addition to the major overhaul for Free2Play players, a total of four major new episodes and several small updates were released in 2022 and 2023. The latest episode was released in April and focuses on Dakota City, home of Static and Rocket.

There are also regular events that bring bonus rewards or include special missions.

Who is DC Universe interesting for? For fans of the superhero universe, DC Universe can be one of the most interesting MMORPGs. At least the players can meet their heroes, who are also fully equipped with voice acting.

An interesting mix of PvE and PvP content awaits you in the game, so that basically every type of player will get their money's worth.

However, the graphics and the combat system just seem outdated in places.


Setting: Fantasy | developer: Cryptic Studios | Plattform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release-Datum: 30. April 2013 | Modell: Free2Play


  • Strong focus on the story
  • Action-packed and fun combat system
  • Good tutorial
  • Good level of difficulty in the game in general


  • Old-fashioned graphics
  • Pay2Win-Element

What kind of game is this? Neverwinter is based on the world of Dungeons & Dragons and is one of the most successful MMORPGs on the market. In the game you create a hero with whom you follow a fixed story, complete quests and descend into dark dungeons.

  • The focus of the game is clearly on the story. You don't level up through experience points, but through completing story missions
  • The game world is divided into many instanced areas and dungeons
  • The combat system is action-packed and offers an evasive role. Thats fun
  • Group content is the focus, but a lot can also be done alone
  • There are many ways to customize your character

Neverwinter impresses with a wealth of content that has been built up over the years since its release. Fans of Dungeons & Dragons in particular will get their money's worth here.

However, the game looks relatively old graphically, especially compared to games like ESO and Guild Wars 2, which were released around the same time period. 

How well does Neverwinter play on console? Neverwinter is particularly impressive with its action-packed combat system on the console. Due to the few skills, the MMORPG, which was initially only released for the PC, can be played without any problems.

The performance on the PS4 and Xbox One is good, but not outstanding. The versions for PS5 and XBox Series X/S run much more smoothly and offer faster loading times. Overall, Neverwinter looks a little better graphically on the PC.

What has happened recently? Neverwinter receives regular updates, with the console version being about one version behind the PC version.

  • In 2021, Neverwinter released, among other things, a new class and new zones, as well as a complete overhaul of the level system.
  • In February 2022, the new update Dragonbone Vale was released for consoles, which brought new missions, a new adventure zone and the throwing hook as a means of transport.
  • Most recently, a new update was released on March 28th with a new Battle Pass.
Who is Neverwinter interesting for? Neverwinter is an MMORPG for story fans, D&D nerds and for players who want to experience action-packed combat. The dungeons and bosses in particular represent a great challenge, which can be a lot of fun in a group.

Unfortunately, the shop and the rather weak graphics ensure that Neverwinter was not a huge success.

Black Desert

Genre : Fantasy Sandbox | Developer : Pearl Abyss | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date : March 3, 2016 | Model : Buy2Play


  • Lots of freedom in the game
  • Very good character editor
  • Dynamic combat system
  • Beautiful graphics and game world
  • Many different classes
  • Exciting guild battles


  • Complex mechanics and a lot of effort until you understand everything
  • Lots of grinding
  • Lots of long walks
  • Little story
  • Pay2Win allegations

What kind of game is this? Black Desert is a sandbox MMORPG that places great value on player freedom. Basically, you should be able to explore the world the way you want.

These include options such as:

  • Level up endlessly as there is no max level
  • Grind for better gear
  • Improve 11 life skills, including fishing, hunting and gathering
  • Build your own network of workers and create production chains to earn gold
  • Set up your own house
  • Build a ship and sail the world
  • Jump into PvP and conquer outposts with a guild
Black Desert is particularly impressive with its extensive character editor and action combat system. Because in Black Desert all attacks feel powerful, you can hit dozens of enemies with one skill and also dodge them stylishly and at lightning speed. For many fans of the genre, Black Desert has the best combat system of all MMORPGs.

At the start you also have the choice of 21 different classes , so there should be something for every type of player. Two to three new classes are added every year. There are now also season servers on which you can level quickly and without PvP .

However, the freedoms in Black Desert come at a price. Because the game does without a deep story and a clear sequence of quests. In addition, PvP in the open world is activated at a certain level. There is also a lot of grind and when upgrading the equipment it can happen that it is damaged or even destroyed.

How well does Black Desert play on console? Many skills already rely on a system of combos on the PC. For example, you can press “F” and then move backwards to activate ability 1, or you can press “F” and move forward to activate another ability.

This fact makes controlling on controllers relatively simple despite a wide range of capabilities. The MMORPG also offers crossplay between PlayStation and Xbox, but not to the PC. There are own servers here.

Performance on consoles is good as long as you don't fight with too many players in one place. Then there can actually be losses.

What has happened recently? Black Desert receives regular updates for both PC and consoles. However, the console versions lag slightly behind the PC version.

Nevertheless, the winter season started on the consoles in December, a major class rework and the latest changes to the wars of conquest were also implemented on the console.

The new expansion Land of the Morning Light: Black Desert was also released on June 14, 2023 : New expansion attracts players who don't actually like the MMORPG - rely on more story, less grind.

Who is Black Desert interesting for? Black Desert is aimed at sandbox fans who don't want to be tied to a story but want to act freely in the game world. In Black Desert you can lead a life as a craftsman, trader or even the owner of a large guild and territory. But all of this always involves a lot of effort and grind.

Final Fantasy XIV

Setting : JRPG | Developer : Square Enix | Platform : PC, PS3, PS4, PS5 | Release date : August 27, 2013 | Model : Pay2Play


  • Lots of content for every type of player
  • Regular content patches with new dungeons and raids
  • Interesting story with nice cutscenes
  • Deep crafting system
  • Nice and helpful community


  • Very slow start, it only gets really good with Heavensward
  • Some strong instantiation
  • Very monotonous combat system
What kind of game is this? Final Fantasy XIV is an MMORPG from Japan, which you immediately notice, especially in the staging and the strong story focus. In recent years, the game has become one of the most popular MMORPGs, mainly due to the regular updates and good content.

FFXIV offers:

  • A huge game world
  • Lots of focus on the story
  • Various jobs that you can switch between with one character
  • A deep crafting system
  • Challenges in the form of dungeons and raids with different levels of difficulty
Especially in the endgame, the game impresses with its raids and a variety of content in which you can let off steam.

However, there is criticism that getting started with the MMORPG is very slow. This is due to the old classes and sometimes tough fights. Once you reach the Heavensward expansion, things will become more dynamic and better.

By the way, if you want, you can experience Final Fantasy XIV completely free of charge up to level 60 for some time now. After that you have to pay for extensions and a monthly subscription.

How well does Final Fantasy XIV play on console? On the console, Final Fantasy XIV has only been released for the PlayStation, but offers crossplay with the PC there. Accordingly, both versions are at exactly the same level.

In terms of performance, the MMORPG performs well on the console, although you should expect longer loading times than on the PC, at least on the PS4. The controls also work smoothly and are very intuitive, although it is a bit complicated to catch a specific target in a large crowd.

What has happened recently? In December 2021, the new expansion Endwalker was released . This brought, among other things, a new max level, two new jobs, new areas, dungeons and raids as well as some innovations in housing.

Further updates are already planned for 2023, which will advance the story and probably also bring new instances. We will also receive first information about the next expansion this year.

Who is FFXIV interesting for? Final Fantasy XIV is aimed at fans of JRPGs as well as fans of classic tab-targeting MMORPGs. A lot of story content, dungeons and raids await you in the game. These in particular have to be solved in groups and can be tricky.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Setting: Fantasy | Entwickler: Zenimax Online | Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Stadia | Release-Datum: 04. April 2014 | Model: Buy2Pay


  • The setting and story of the “Elder Scrolls” world
  • Well-known locations as settings, including Oblivion and Skyrim
  • Dynamic areas so everything can be experienced with each level
  • Housing
  • Varied combat system


  • Phasing only makes it feel like an MMORPG to a limited extent.
  • You hardly notice any character progression
  • Performance issues that will be resolved in the future
What kind of game is this? The Elder Scrolls Online is not a classic MMORPG as it relies heavily on the single player aspect. For example, you can travel at any level in any area of ​​the game world Tamriel, as you are automatically scaled to the max level in the background.

ESO is particularly impressive with the unique story and setting of the game world. There are many iconic locations that are already known from the “Elder Scrolls” games, as well as the well-known compass instead of a minimap.

The game features:

  • A really big game world
  • Fully soundtracked quests and exciting stories
  • Varied dungeons
  • Server vs Server PvP
  • An extensive housing system
  • Regular updates, at least one every quarter
The Elder Scrolls Online relies on an action combat system that divides opinion. Some people find it particularly good, while others find it not very powerful and not very precise.

There is also criticism of ESO's performance, which is particularly unconvincing in some new areas and the PvP zone Cyrodiil. In addition, you now need a lot of DLCs and the all-important crafting bag, which essentially forces new players to take out a subscription to ESO.

How well does ESO play on console? ESO plays very smoothly and intuitively on the console. Due to the few skills, the combat system fits perfectly with controller control.

Graphically, you can tell that the PS4 and Xbox versions are a little slimmed down compared to the PC version.

ESO doesn't offer crossplay with PC, which is why the version is always a few days behind. DLCs ​​and expansions are often delayed by 1-2 weeks due to the activation process on the consoles.

What has happened recently? The new Necrom expansion with the Arcanist class was released in June 2023 . Zenimax is currently sticking to its rhythm of releasing an add-on every year.

A major “Quality of Life” update is also planned for 2023 in the third quarter and a special update on dungeons on October 30th.

Who is ESO interesting for? ESO is a feast for all solo players, fans of action-packed combat systems and of course nerds who simply love the world of “The Elder Scrolls”. The scaling means that players can start with the latest content straight away and play together with friends, no matter when they started.

The action-packed combat system and exploring the huge game world ensure a lot of fun.

What other MMORPGs are there on consoles?

In addition to the 5 MMORPGs listed here, there are other titles that you can theoretically play on the consoles. Some of them do not have a specific version for PS5 or Xbox Series X/S, but can still be played there thanks to backwards compatibility.

Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis

Setting:  Science Fiction | Developer:  SEGA | Platform : PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date:  May 27, 2020 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Phantasy Star Online 2 is an MMORPG from Japan that was originally released in 2012. The game came to us in the West in 2020 and got a sequel in 2021 with New Genesis, which, however, is played in the same client.

In New Genesis you can choose from different classes with which you can explore an open world and fight against huge bosses. The game has been moved to a new engine and offers good graphics with New Genesis. The MMORPG is particularly impressive with its action-packed fights and the cool jumps with which you can climb buildings.

At the end of 2021 there was also the first major content patch with a new area, a new max level and all sorts of new equipment. In June 2023, the game will also receive a graphics update, which will make it version 2.0.


Setting:  Fantasy block world | Developer:  Gamigo | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date:  June 9, 2015 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Trove is a MMORPG in a voxel world that doesn't take itself too seriously. There are a variety of classes, including the boomeranger, pirate captain and the candy barbarian. You can then equip these characters and learn new skills with them.

Trove offers an open world in which you can also build on certain properties, similar to Minecraft. In the end game there are dungeons that you can complete together with other players.

Trove is still popular years after its release and is one of the few  Trion games that is still successful.


Setting:  Fantasy | Developer:  Krafton | Platform : | Release date:  PC: May 3, 2012, PS 4 and Xbox One: April 3, 2018 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? TERA is a classic action MMORPG that impresses above all with its strong combat system. You create a hero and explore a large game world with him, in which dungeons, raids, larger boss fights and PvP await you.

However, the game is very grind-heavy, has some Asian elements and, above all, strange cosmetics. If you don't have a problem with small children exploring a fantasy world in clown cars, you can have a lot of fun in TERA.

For everyone else, there are more serious MMORPGs like Neverwinter, BDO or Final Fantasy XIV that should satisfy all of TERA's needs as well.

Star Trek Online

Setting:  Science Fiction | Developer:  Cryptic Studios | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date:  February 5, 2010 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Star Trek Online lets you become a real starship captain who can fight on the side of Starfleet, the Klingons or the Romulans.

The MMORPG combines the ability to control a spaceship and then explore a planet yourself. The game offers a lot of quests, a lot of grind and above all a lot of fan service.

Anyone who likes Star Trek should have a lot of fun with the online role-playing game, everyone else might be put off by the weak graphics, the grind and the rather weak combat system.


Setting:  Fantasy/Science Fiction | Developer:  Allods Team | Platform : | Release date: July 16, 2015 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? In Skyforge you embody a lowly god who can gather followers and expand his powers. The game relies on different classes, which you can even change, and action-packed fights.

The game world, however, is not completely open, but is divided into many small zones. Many quests, group events, heavy endgame content and PvP await you in the game, including a battle royale.

On the console it is one of the MMORPGs with the best controls, but the graphics and performance can be improved. In general, the menus and the shop mechanics are more reminiscent of a mobile game, which is why Skyforge is further down on this list.


Setting:  Anime | Developer:  CyberStep | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch | Release date : December 12, 2013 | Payment model:  Free2Play

What kind of game is this? Onigiri is an MMORPG from Japan set in a mythical world where humans and non-human creatures such as Oni or Yokai coexist. You play a character whose play style is defined purely by his equipment. There are no classes in Onigiri.

The MMORPG is characterized by two special features:

  • A very action-packed combat system
  • Various NPC partners who support you in battle and bring their own personalities and skills
However, it has very weak graphics and there are always performance problems. One reason why it ended up at the bottom of this list.

These MMORPGs are coming to consoles soon

In addition to the titles mentioned here, there are also new MMORPGs that will be released for consoles:

  • Throne and Liberty is scheduled to be released in October. It's coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
  • With Blue Protocol, a new anime MMORPG will be released in the second half of 2023. In addition to the PC, it also comes for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S.
  • ArcheAge 2 will also be released for consoles. What exactly it is has not yet been revealed.
Which MMORPGs do you particularly enjoy playing on consoles? And which games should get a console version in the future? Feel free to write it in the comments!