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On the streaming platform TwitchTV, shooters and PvP games in particular dominate the rankings. But what are the most popular MMORPGs on Twitch? We will tell you.

What is this about? In this article, we would like to introduce you to the MMORPGs that are most popular on Twitch. To do this, we looked at the average number of viewers over the last 30 days (until September 25th) and put together a ranking ( via Sullygnome ).

5th place – Albion Online

Setting : Fantasy | Developer : Sandbox Interactive | Platform : PC, Android, iOS | Release date : July 17, 2017 | Model : Free2Play

What kind of game is this?  Albion Online is a sandbox MMORPG from German developer Sandbox Interactive. Here it's all about your freedom, crafting and also PvP. You create your character without being tied to a class or fixed way of playing.

With this you explore the world in the ISO perspective, which is divided into different instanced areas and cities. There are also tons of dungeons that are randomly generated and can be found randomly.

While in the first levels the approach to the combat system and crafting play an important role, the PvP aspect comes into play in the end game. Because in the highest areas there is open PvP and even the possibility of losing your equipment if you die.

Despite the PvP, Albion Online has enjoyed great popularity on the PC for years. It was released for Android and iOS in June 2021 and even offers crossplay between the platforms.

How does it look on Twitch? In the last 30 days, Albion Online has:

  • Average attendance of 7,389 spectators (54th of all games)
  • 5,320,476 hours watched
  • An average of 113 active streamers

In the summer of 2022, Albion Online experienced a boom on Twitch. The reason for this was the newly introduced Twitch drops. While there were previously around 500 spectators on average at the start, there are now over 5,000. The numbers have also been very stable since September.

Why is it worth watching? One reason is of course the drops to get additional rewards. But you can also learn something from many streamers, including how to handle open-world PvP correctly.

5th place – Black  Desert 

Setting : Fantasy | Developer : Pearl Abyss | Platform : PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S | Release date : March 3, 2016 | Model : Buy-to-Play

What kind of game is this?  Black  Desert is a sandbox MMORPG from Korean developer Pearl Abyss. It offers you a lot of freedom and focuses on the economy, grinding, and some PvP content. Story and quests, on the other hand, play a subordinate role.

Highlights of the game are:

  • Endless leveling because there is officially no max level
  • 11 life skills including fishing, hunting and gathering
  • Your own network of workers that you can build and thus create production chains
  • Housing
  • Building your own ship
  • PvP content, including Outpost Battles
The variety of classes and the detailed character editor are also highlights of the MMORPG. There are now also so-called season servers, which are particularly suitable for beginners or for leveling up new classes.

How does it look on Twitch?  In the last 30 days, Black Desert has had:

  • Average attendance of 9,376 spectators (47th of all games)
  • 6,751,299 hours watched
  • Average of 205 active streamers
  • The trend at Black Desert is relatively stable. With the expansion in May it went up slightly, but basically, it remains fairly stable in the top 40 to 60.

Why is it worth watching? In Black Desert, you can especially admire players who take part in PvP, grind certain high-level spots or fight for the first places in the level ranking. After all, there is a player with the highest level for every region (EU/NA/Korea) and for every class.

3rd place – New World

Setting :  Fantasy | Developer : Amazon Games | System : PC | Release date : September 28, 2021 | Model : Buy-to-Play

How does it look on Twitch? In the last 30 days, New World has:

  • Average 14,172 spectators (33rd place of all games)
  • 10,203,996 hours watched
  • An average of 242 active streamers

Of course, New World experienced a significant high with the release of the new expansion Rise of the Angry Earth. Over 142,000 people watched at the same time in the peak. The numbers have now flattened significantly. In the last 10 days, there were only around 6,700 viewers on average and the peak no longer went above 10,500.

Why is it worth watching? The New World streamers primarily show fast dungeon runs with high mutations, battles in outpost storms or wars for territory. Since only a limited number of players can take part in the latter, it is worth starting the stream.

2nd Place – Lost Ark

Setting : Steampunk | Developer : Smilegate | Platform : PC | Release date : February 11, 2022 | Model : Free-to-Play

What kind of game is this? Lost Ark's gameplay is very reminiscent of Diablo 3, but as an MMORPG. You control a character from the ISO perspective and fight with him against hordes of monsters. It also implements the loot spiral particularly well, so that you always have a carrot in front of your nose.

You create a hero, explore a large but instanced fantasy world and complete monsters and quests along the way:

  • There are now 25 classes with different abilities
  • In raids you face powerful bosses together
  • PvP takes place in an arena where you compete against players of equal strength, or in GvG in certain open areas.
  • It is possible to move into your own house and use it as a storage facility for equipment you don't need.
  • You can form a relationship with NPCs.

How does it look on Twitch? In the last 30 days, Lost Ark has had:

  • Average 26,187 spectators (17th place of all games)
  • 18,855,280 hours watched
  • An average of 264 active streamers
Lost Ark has significantly increased its viewers compared to the 30 days. The reason for this was the race for the World Firsts in Korea. The new raid there was incredibly difficult. In the meantime, the MMORPG was even in first place.

1st place – World of Warcraft

Setting : Fantasy | Developer : Blizzard Entertainment | Platform : PC | Release date : November 23, 2004 | Model : Pay-to-Play

What kind of game is this? World of Warcraft is the most famous MMORPG in Europe and North America. Blizzard has now released 9 expansions for WoW. It is aimed at solo players who want to experience the story, but also at fans of group play in dungeons and raids, which the game is regularly expanded to include. There is also PvP content, but it is not pushed as hard.

WoW uses comic graphics that have been spruced up again and again throughout the expansions. In some places, the age still shows, after all WoW celebrated its 15th birthday. The combat system relies on classic tab targeting.

WoW currently offers you two versions:

  • The current expansion is called Dragonflight and was released in November 2022. This is the “normal” WoW, also known as “Retail WoW”.
  • WoW Classic is a new edition of the base game and was released in August 2019 - the Wrath of the Lich King expansion was also released in 2022.

How does it look on Twitch? In the last 30 days, WoW has had:

  • An average of 50,033 spectators (9th place of all games)
  • 36,024,459 hours watched
  • An average of 1,243 active streamers
WoW is currently experiencing a very mixed addon with Dragonflight. Actually, many features are well received and there is also a lot of praise. But the overall number of players is lower than was the case with Shadowlands. There has also recently been criticism of Mythic+, the game's PvE endgame.

Why is it worth watching? Many WoW streamers like to show off their leveling experience or joint raids. One of the biggest streamers, JokerdTV, shows off its hardcore leveling in Classic. Other streamers also like to dedicate themselves to such challenges.

In addition, the Icecrown Citadel (WOTLK Classic) and Aberrus (Dragonflight) raids are often accompanied in the live stream.